Wednesday, March 13, 2013

IGO Has A Deal For Uptowners

IGO car sharing is encouraging more Uptowners to participate in its program, so it's got a deal for new applicants:

"Do you ever need a car for errand running, getting to an appointment, or getting your kids to soccer practice? IGO, Chicago's only local, nonprofit carsharing service, provides access to eco-friendly vehicles by the hour or day right here in your neighborhood.  Gas, insurance and 24-hour assistance are included in the low hourly rates.

Now Uptown residents can join IGO for just $25 and get their first hour in driving for free ($85 value). To take advantage of this great offer, just enter the promo code WARD46 in the promotions field of your online application.  (Click here for details on eligibility).

IGO CarSharing is Chicago's first and only local, nonprofit carsharing service. IGO has hundreds of vehicles in over 45 neighborhoods and four suburbs throughout the Chicago region.  If you've been thinking about making do with one less car or no car at all, there's never been a better time to take a look at IGO.  Owning a car is expensive, can be a hassle, and is often not a very green way to get around.  Using transit with carsharing as a backup is good for your budget, your stress level and our environment.  A typical IGO member spends about $2,520 per year on transportation, roughly $5,000 less than what the average American spends annually to own, operate and maintain a car."


  1. Pretty sure that's $8.50

    I've been using I-Go for a few years now and I'm quite content. They're locally based and have great customer service.

    Yes, Zipcar may have the sexier cars, but they charge more and I don't need a Jetta to go from A to B. At the very least I-Go was a good way for me to try driving a Leaf (all electric)

  2. $85 an hour is more than it costs for 24hrs at a high priced enterprise....pass

  3. A Jetta is a sexier car? That made me laugh. They are great cars and I can practically tear one apart and put it back together again, but sexy?

    No negativity intended.....

  4. Note that the $85 is the "value" of the deal. For example if the joiner fee is usually $100, and this deal is offering it for $25, that's savings valued at $75. Nowhere does it say that it costs $85 an hour, and that shouldnt be inferred from the deal language.

  5. it normally costs $75 to join and about $10/hour per car (which includes gas and insurance), that is how they are calculating the $85 value. it's a good deal and i-go is an excellent non-profit organization.

  6. I believe that's because it includes the registration and all start up costs. It's only 8.50-10 an hour depending on the size of the car and they have daily rates as well.

  7. ILP yeah not sure where I pulled that from. My head was thinking of the higher end cars I've seen with zipcar and yet my fingers typed Jetta. Still a Jetta can be classier than a honda fit. It's all relative I suppose