Monday, March 4, 2013

Buena Bunnies Are Back!

Some Bunny Baskets from 2011, courtesy of BPN's Flickr page
Once again, you can be a Buena Bunny! Create a basket, make a kid happy, have a tipple, and a fun afternoon with neighbors.

Yup, it's time for Buena Park Neighbors annual Buena Bunnies.

From the BPN Newsletter:

Date: March 17th
Place: Nick's Uptown, 4015 North Sheridan
Time: 3 pm - 5 pm

"Every year Buena Park Neighbors gather at Nick's Uptown to decorate Easter baskets for the kids at St. Mary of the Lake. It's two hours of good fellowship with your neighbors as we use our creative skills to design and assemble festive Easter baskets. Typical items that are needed are: ribbons, baskets, cellophane, candy, paper grass, small toys and anything else you can think of.

So come on out and join in the merriment as we create Easter baskets that will bring joy to a lot of little children."


  1. Can you tell us a little more about this? Is this a charity for poor/underprivileged children or just to make baskets for kids?

    Not familiar with St. Mary of the Lake.


  2. Search UU for Buena Bunnies (or Buena Bunny) using the search feature on the left top of the front page. That should give you an idea. Also check BPN's website. I would think they would have info on it as well.