Wednesday, February 20, 2013

X Marks "Da Spot" For A New Restaurant?

A reader asks:  "Does anyone have a clue what is going in where Da Spot used to be [4635 N Broadway]?  It looks like a restaurant is going in there and you can tables/chairs setup in there. I just noticed this today as I walked by."

Anyone know any specifics?  We love seeing those empty Broadway retail spaces get improved and filled up!

Of course, we're still waiting for the soul food restaurant that was teased back in 2009 at 4645 N Broadway.  Stillllllll waiting..... tap, tap, tap.


  1. A couple of years back I heard a Soul Food place might go in there. But then...nothing. So who knows. Soul food sure does sound tasty though.

  2. Anything would be better than what is there now.

  3. Looks like an asian food restaurant when I peeked earlier. Looks pretty nice!... and legit!