Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Volunteer Opportunity: Stockton School Library

From Dover Street Neighbors Block Club:

"Tamiye and Jim Meehan, of Dover Street Neighbors, will be organizing books in the library this coming week on Wednesday, Feb. 6th, from noon-4:00 and Thursday, Feb. 7th, also from noon-4:00. Volunteer help is appreciated, as always.

Stockton School is located at 4425 North Beacon St. (at Montrose). Enter at the southernmost set of doors on Beacon St. (you will be buzzed in).  Hope to see you there and thank you so much."


  1. Has anyone ever thought about a weekend for volunteering. Most of us work and weekends are better times.

  2. Gotta volunteer at a school during school hours.

    We run quite a few volunteer opportunities, so sometime you'll find something to fit your schedule.

  3. I'm curious what Stockton school is doing to address the near 25% of the student body that is labeled special ed. It's simply not possibly to have that many legitimate special education students - which leads one to think that these students are being mislabeled due to behavioral problems.

    No more than 5% should be special ed. The process isn't working there. What gives?

  4. Bronco Billy, my understanding is that some students are bused from other neighborhoods to receive special education services at Stockton. They have a really fantastic program for kids with autism.