Thursday, February 14, 2013

St Boniface's New Face

No more green canvas flapping in the wind, and no more Ol' Pocky!  Not only has the handsome new stone-faced fencing gone up along the Lawrence side of St. Boniface between Clark and Beacon, but now the new wrought-iron topper is being added as well.

While anything would be better than the crumbling stucco and rusted rebar that preceded this fencing, the new design really opens up that side of the street instead of presenting a stark grey wall that cut off any flow between the cemetery and the neighborhood.  We look forward to seeing the section from Beacon to Magnolia completed later this year.  Well done, St. Boniface!


  1. About time.Looks a 100% better.A nice way also to respect the dead.

  2. I mocked someone here years ago over his whining about Ol' Pocky.

    This does look so much better.

    I was wrong.

    This looks much better and as an added benefit we can see the coyotes running around now.

  3. Makes me want to see the brick wall along Montrose (east of Clark) shortened so we can see more of the trees and green inside that cemetery. That would open things up a little. But, the brick is in good condition, doesn't look bad, and I HIGHLY doubt anything will ever be done.

  4. That wall along Montrose was just extensively replaced and repaired a couple of years ago. I doubt they'll be making any changes there for a long time.