Thursday, February 14, 2013

Rowhomes Coming To Lawrence & Clark

23 new rowhomes are coming to the large vacant parcel just to the west of the former Rainbo Village development, now known as 4846 N. Clark. 
YoChicago has the scoop. Can more development in the other vacant parcel just to the south be not far off? Let's hope.


  1. $420s?! That's it?! Oh, wait. STARTING at $420s...

    I'd love to get into one of these, they're priced well.

  2. It's nice to see what an improving real estate picture nationally AND a sane aldercritter will do for development.

    More development please and pass the potatoes.

    Another question I see developing is what to call the area around Lawrence and Clark.

    I of course have some answers to ponder.

    I call the area between Clark and Ashland and Montrose and and Foster TAINT.

    Taint Uptown, Taint Ravenswood.

    The 4800 block of Clark should be called Andersonville South as it rapidly is becoming like the blocks to the north.

    South of Lawrence should be called ASS-Andersonville South South.

    Perhaps we need an online poll.

  3. God forbid they mention uptown in that ad, it's feet away but miles from that marketing. Says a lot

  4. Did the Rainbow Village units all sell? Compare how many are vacant or rentals before plunking down $420K for an apartment in drag. Seriously. Nice view of the cemetary in "Edgewater" too. There were also foreclosures in that newer hyped condo building just up the block to the north years ago and I'm quite certain that wasn't constructed more than 10 years ago.

    Even that Winthrop/Kenmore corridor is referred to as "Andersonville" now for real estate marketing purposes. Most people are smarter.

    1. If I recall I just read a story that said only 40% of those condos sold

  5. Thanks for the link to YoChicago. Here's an aerial view of the site, shot last September:

  6. Guess we do need to NOT worry ourselves with how much a developer is asking for a rowhouse...unless we are buying ourselves...or as my grandmother would have said, don't stick your nose into business that isn't your own. That being said, that cemetery is beautiful and peaceful, like Graceland is for those who can see it from 1100 W. Montrose. And I would much rather have dead quiet neighbors "living" in a well-kept cemetery than deal with neighbors who are dealing drugs, welcoming gangbangers, and using my yard as a convenient ash tray and place to dispose of used Pampers, maxi-pads, and condoms. I'm sure that whoever buys and moves into the new rowhomes won't feel that their homes don't come with a "right" to dump their trash and social problems on their new neighbors, so I will welcome them with open arms...maybe they will make the dumpers and social malcontents feel like the neighborhood is changing and less welcoming to THEM.

  7. GWDNJ,

    Why dontcha ask Jesus next time you speak to him what he thinks about the potential of this development.

    I was just with Jesus over at Crew on Broadway. I thought I'd play a trick on him by taking him into a gay bar after we saw a show at "The Annoyance".

    The show:

    Holy Fuck Comedy Hour
    WhenFri, February 15, 11:59pm – Sat, February 16, 12:59am

    Turns out he already knew it was a gay bar. That whole omnipotence thang must be true.

    Jesus explained to me that I should ignore the teachings of my native Catholic Church on homosexuality and on sexuality in general. He said and this is a quote, "I was crucified by the state at the behest of religious authorites, WTF is more gay than that?"

    Then it turns out that he and Mary Magdalene were more than "friends" if you know what I mean.

    Anyway to make a completely made up story short Jesus told me to buy real estate in Uptown or even "South Andersonville" because it will appreciate at a faster clip than most other Chicago hoods.

    Remember Jesus was a good businessman. That whole loaves and fishes thang shows how he could stretch a Roman imperial coin.

    On a more serious note if the developer wants to put up the money for this then good luck to him. I suspect they will sell well. People love them some new construction rowhomes or townhomes.

    They will not compete directly with the neighboring condos which are generally much less expensive.

    We need more people around here and the only way to get it besides building more $400,000 per unit subsidized housing is to let the free market work.

    Ain't America great?

  8. GWDNJ:
    Not really sure what your point is. Sounds to me like you're just passing judgement without actually knowing the slightest bit of what you are talking about.

    1. Yes, there are many vacant units as the previous developer left everyone in a lurch when he went belly up. What you don't know, there is a new developer that has purchased the empty units and is, as we speak, finishing them. But, what really matters, is that they now have 23 pending contracts on units. Yes, I do realize that they will not all come to fruition, but clearly there is a desire to own a unit in these buildings.
    2. As far as rentals are concerned, there are a very small amount of rental units in these buildings. The condo association set in place rules and regulations that severely limit the amount of rentals with the expectation that someone might try to purchase these units just for that purpose. To make this simple, none of the empty units can be turned into a rental, nor can they be purchased THEN turned into a rental.
    3. "There were also foreclosures in that newer hyped condo building just up the block to the north years ago and I'm quite certain that wasn't constructed more than 10 years ago." What the hell does this have to do with anything? There have been foreclosures in every neighborhood, in every state, in the United States. This is not news for anyone that has watched a news broadcast, or read a newspaper in the last 5 years.

    4. Yes, we ALL know this is not Andersonville. Yes, it is Uptown. This is a marketing gimmick of realtors in Chicago....has been for years, nothing new to report here.

    5. Seriously...."an apartment in drag:" Seriously?? Is it safe to assume that you have personally (with your engineering/architectural degree and expertise in this field) seen the actual blueprints and come to this conclusion based on hard facts? If it is, please fill the rest of us in as you are the only one to have seen them. Not ONE resident in Rainbow village/Kinetic Condos has yet, so please, by all means, hook a brother up!

    So even though the realtors are calling this "Andersonville", the fact of the matter is that the tax dollars and demographics will all still count for Uptown, and in the end, that is what is important.
    This whole "Chicken Little" attitude really does nothing help anyone. Here is a thought....Let's try to look at the bright side of things for a change. It seems like every single time someone wants to invest money in Uptown, there are certain people who just want to be stuck in a rut and have nothing but negative comments to make.

    I don't know about you, but I'm tired of living in that rut.

  9. Real estate agents can dress it up anyway they want. Of course, they won't call the 4700 block of Clark, "West Uptown", now would they?

  10. It appears they will be built BEHIND the Rainbo Village buildings so I don't get that they will have a view of the cemetery.

    Looks like they will be facing the circular driveway and the back of the other two buildings. Maybe a couple will be able to look down the driveway and across Clark St traffic and through the fence into the cemetery, but it won't be much of a view.

    Just sayin.