Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Good Morning, Uptown

From reader Le Wang: "I'm a filmmaker in Chicago and I live in Uptown. I was shooting some test footage on the roof and cut together this little piece. Enjoy!"

A Good Morning (from Wangle) from Le Wang on Vimeo.


  1. Good job Wangle. I really enjoyed your piece. Something different, something fun. And I enjoyed the soundtrack too. I really do love Uptown. I've been in the area since I was in 3rd grade. So, this piece made me smile.

  2. Oh yes, it's very nice.

    On a more serious note it's an interesting view of Uptown from a vantage point most of us who aren't window washers don't see.

  3. I think this is great! Amazing how "big city" our neighborhood feels.

    Thanks for that Wangle.