Saturday, February 16, 2013


FLATS has begun branding its future headquarters at Broadway and Sunnyside.  A reader took this photo of the large sign that recently appeared on the front of the building.

FLATS also just announced its social media branding.  Its Facebook page is and it's on Twitter at  They're also on Instagram and Pinterest.  And the website is


  1. The suspense!!

    Stop teasing us already!

  2. 'FLATS'? Anyone else think it sounds like a sandwich shop or a shoe store?

  3. So they are painting buildings Battleship Grey now instead of Prison Grey?

  4. Could this be a company that simply buys alot of buildings for the purpose of creating a "buzz" in the neighborhood and then after the hoped for buzz rises, sells the most of the buildings they purchased for more than they bought them for?

    Are there any completed projects or projects underway?

    How many buildings in Uptown proper have they purchased , and when were they purchased and how many of them are being worked on?

  5. @Stu Piddy et all,

    I'm a development junkie and saw this last month, check it out:

    I think Cedar Street knows they have to make some investment and contribution to the neighborhood and not simply sit and wait to make money... These guys are young but not stupid.

  6. Stu Piddy! Aren't you the guy who said kids viewing a blow job on the street was no big deal? I guess with all this development going on in these former crime filled buildings, you'll be forced to raise your standards about what is acceptable conduct. I'm sensing your disappointment already.

  7. Wang Chung:

    The article says:

    "All of the buildings are now under construction and are easily spotted by the gray-painted plywood surrounding the first floors."

    I don't believe this is true. The building across from Target does not appear to have had any work done at all in many months.

    They may be waiting for the Wilson L to be transformed, then the property value, certainly of the building across from Target will go up whether it's rehabbed or not.

    Developers never have the interests of the "community" in mind. They are interested in profit and whatever means they can make for profit. Whether it's selling buildings for a higher price than purchased or rehabbing them.

    The Uptown theater was purchased, not to develop, but to sit on....and this was true for the previous owner, Mr. Wolf. Apparenetly Jam productions who own the Uptown theater were rumoured to want to prevent Live Music a competitor from using it as a music venue competing with their other locations, the Riviera. I believe that's the story.

    They too said they wanted to "help" the community and of course they were waiting for someone or something to provide the funds to overhaul the theater.

    This hasn't happened. They are waiting for the value of the neighborhood to increase in hopes of profiting from that in which ever way possible.

    Developers only invest in a community when a community demands investment as part of the over all deal and most "communities" and their self interested political leaders do nothing except spout meaningless verbiage and pablum.

    For example, the Cedar developer Jay Michael who lives on the Gold Coast says he is hunting for a place of his own here in Uptown .

    I don't believe he looking to move from the Gold Coast. He's interested in selling Uptown. It's Jive talk.
    The idea is to create a buzz. Which is not in itself a bad thing, but a buzz, does not last very long.

    What lasts long is actual construction, and I just don't understand why it is so hard to find out how many buildings are actually being worked on.

  8. The vision is great so far - hoping everything rolls out as it is projected. This/these properties would help the area so much.

  9. Stu, I get it that you don't believe a developer cares about the community, but playing along with your logic, if a developer is buying up a number of different pieces of property in one area, it's to his advantage to care about what's best for the community. It's what's best for the community that will end up increasing his profit. So, I don't care what motivates Jay. I care about having some long neglected properties rehabbed.

    It's looking like readjusting your current low expectations of Uptown will be difficult for you. BTW, do you still believe it's no big deal for kids to witness blow jobs in the alleys?

  10. Note they describe 1325 Wilson as being in Ravenswood:

  11. @ Stu Piddy

    I recommend you contact Cedar Street directly. They even have an application portal. You can pretend you're a perspective renter and learn more that way. Here’s the link for ya:

    Also, just because work isn't being done on the outside, other than some unremarkable grey paint, doesn't mean work isn't going on in the inside. I assume you didn't look at the pictures or pass by the properties? Or perhaps you’re expecting large cranes and bulldozers, dust and hammers swinging at all hours of the day? You’re handle is satirical.

  12. As a leasing agent I can tell from seeing Flats units first hand that they are gorgeous and affordable; they are some of my favorite units to show to clients. The current rental market is in dire need of more units because Chicago is over 90% occupancy rate. Uptown is going to be an extremely in demand area to rent from once the Flats, Maryville and Somerset buildings are completed. As long as developers keep rents within reach, we will be seeing a huge boom within the next couple of years.

  13. uptownaction, as a leasing agent do you not think your being a bit optimistic?

  14. @ Stu Piddy

    I live on the same block as the 5051 N Kenmore building and I can tell you that they have been working on that building every day for at least the past two months. I think they still may be in the process of gutting it at this point, with two large trash bins parked on the street.

  15. Why is it so bad to be optimistic? WE NEED good development and WE need better buildings- You all pick apart things too much- Let's wait to see the results...