Tuesday, February 19, 2013

BoJono's Pizza Featured On Groupon

Pay $15 and get $30 worth of food at BoJono's, located at 4185 N Clarendon. 

The deal is good through April 24, 2013.  Good for inside dining or delivery (delivery fee extra).

Get it here.


  1. If you like your pizza greasy, and I do, then Bojono's is da place for you.

    Screw the chain pizza places.

    Pizza was meant to be purchased from independent places.

  2. Irish Pirate and I agree on something..... Its a miracle!!!

  3. Jason/Irish-like Pirate,

    that's merely a random event, nothing miraculous.

    The Cubs winning the World Series would be miraculous.

    You keeping the same screen name in a futile effort to annoy me while not a miracle is somewhat surprising. What's it been now, about a year or so?

    You used to change your screen names more often than the strippers at "VIP's, a Gentleman's Club" change their outfits.

    I only mention VIP's because of the Shiller lobbying connection.

    Plus I heard Jason is dancing there on Tuesday nights under the stage name "Lucretia MacEvil".