Friday, February 22, 2013

Ald. Osterman Focuses On Winthrop/Kenmore Safety

Looks like Ald. Osterman and Commander Jones have the Kenmore/Winthrop Corridor in the 48th Ward in the spotlight for safety:
  • Alderman Osterman is also holding a Neighborhood Meeting for residents on the block to discuss needed security measures:
    Sunday, February 24, 3:30 p.m., at 5040 N. Kenmore.  We will use this important opportunity to work on short and long-term goals to improve public safety in your neighborhood.   For more information, call Alderman Osterman’s office at (773) 784-5277 or email
  • Also, please join us for a Safety & Security Tour:
    Tuesday, February 26, 6:30 p.m., meet outside of 5040 N. Kenmore
    .  Join your neighborhood “Block-by-Block Representatives” group as we survey your block and begin work to address security needs to help improve public safety throughout our community. We will be concentrating on the 4900, 5000 & 5100 block of N. Kenmore & Winthrop.
  • From Ald. Osterman's weekly newsletter, distributed today: "5000 Block of N. Winthrop. Last night, the my staff met with neighbors, property managers and non-profit organizations on and near the 5000 block of N. Winthrop to continue work to improve public safety in and around that area. The CHA properties and Mercy Housing buildings have taken great strides to be good neighbors on the block, including adding and perfecting their private security, enhancing their security cameras and also participating in and hosting outdoor events in the community this summer. We will continue to meet with this group regularly to ensure that public safety improves in this part of our neighborhood."
Seems like the three shootings, including one fatality, that took place on the 5000 block of Winthrop on November 30th, are having some serious results.  Good.


  1. I am attending and I am going to ask why the cameras at 5057 N Winthrop are pointed at the ground. The two scattered site CHA buildings constantly have drug deals happening in the alley between Kenmore and Winthrop. All the while Skates Detective Agency is kicking it with the people they are supposed to be watching.

  2. @ PB, this happens more than you think with security companies that are working in these buildings. Security picks and chooses who to secure. If they like you, you are okay. Does anyone believe these things could still happen without the implicit help from the managers also.