Saturday, January 12, 2013

That Fine CTA Service Is A Little More Expensive Starting Monday

Pay more to ride a bus route that's less convenient.

Pay more to a transit board that holds hearings, but refuses to hear.

Pay more for an L ride that leaves from a station that the handicapped and elderly can't use.

That's our CTA!

Increased fare information is here.


  1. I wouldn't mind paying a bit more if the service improved. NewYorks MTA beats our system hands down.

  2. Are they not in any violations of rights of those with disabilities? Can and has anyone sued them one these grounds?

  3. I hate the CTA doublespeak.

    It's not a fare increase, it's a reduction in discount

    It's not cutting routes, it's improving service on others

  4. And did anyone know, the orange reduced fare cards are no longer for the kids? From now on the orange cards will take off $1.10. I had not heard this, until putting more money on the card. Apparently, there is another card for the kids. On the upside though, the kids fare goes down

  5. Anyone else notice how packed the Red Line is on the weekday mornings since they cut the bus lines? It seems like they not only cut bus lines, but there are fewer trains as well.

    1. I have noticed this. I'm trying to figure out the method to cta's madness.....

  6. "I have noticed this. I'm trying to figure out the method to cta's madness...."

    This isn't that fact is stupid easy. The eliminated lines (despite useless anecdotal evidence to the contrary) weren't popular, in fact, they were underutilized money pits.

    The CTA is broke.

    Figure it out.