Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shots Fired In Sheridan Park

Now that it's warmer, the delicate flowers who shoot at one another in Uptown are at it again.

Around 11:45am, many readers report hearing 6 to 8 shots fired in the Sheridan Park neighborhood.  Over an hour later, the police were still on the scene, as were emergency vehicles.
  • "There were shots fired about 10 minutes ago in the alley behind 4454 N Racine [address corrected]. They shot into a car.  (There was woman with a 4yr old child walking through the alley at the time.) They crashed their van into the parking gate of the building north of 4445 N Magnolia."
  • "A new shooting today at Sunnyside and Magnolia. All I know is it happened late morning before noon. I was walking to Stockton and the rooms were on lockdown. As I left an hour later, police cars were still at the scene."
  • "Heard 7 shots fired near the corner of Sunnyside and Magnolia not too long ago. Many police in the neighborhood now."
  • "White car got its back window blown out, but I don't think anyone was seriously injured. Cops pulled over and questioned at least one person at Magnolia and Sunnyside." (from Facebook)
No reports of anyone being hurt, but the fact that there were still police on the scene over an hour later makes us wonder what the story is.  Hate these selfish little boys with their deadly toys, and hope there were arrests made.


  1. Actually have been several shootings around here in the last few days. It's not even above freezing. Should be an interesting spring.

  2. Is this a clue that whoever the gangsters are that they live in one of those buildings? Has anybody confirmed their addresses and what buildings they live in?

  3. I heard it was because someone was pissed off that the footlong sub they bought from Subway was only 11 inches long.

  4. I was a block away on the Sunnyside Mall when this happened. Here's what was weird: other than the young mother I chatted with for a while, everyone out and about--and the streets were pleasantly busy--was acting pretty ho-hum about it. Me included, actually. "Oh, just those P Stones again, you know how they are."

    It would be nice to see a little more freaking out about midday gunshots. At least let's go through the little Uptown Update ritual we've come to know and love. Here, I'll start.

    Bulldoze the projects!

    No, eliminate all poverty immediately!

    Go to the CAPS meetings!

    Crappleman blargh!

  5. The Sheridan Park section of Uptown is getting worse. I think when they focus on Sheridan/Lawrence area the trouble just moves. How about organizing some Positive Loitering at Wilson & Broadway??? It's the "ground zero" of our crime problems.

  6. Great idea! When you've set it up with the CAPS officers, I'll be there for sure.

  7. I think someone doesn't spend enough time in Sheridan Park, staking out storefronts for upscale dog shops, tea shops, and jerk chicken restaurants enough to know where the real "ground zero" of Sheridan Park's crime problems really is. Perhaps more attention to crime and less attention to vagrants, drinking, and complaining about non-jerk chicken restaurant openings would help.

    And I'm with Boohoo. There have been "positive loiterings" organized where the real crime problems are, and I don't believe that americanlt made any appearances. Set it up with CAPS and the block clubs, and WE will be there.

  8. Bear,

    stop growling. Come out of your cave. Winter is on da wane.

    Americanlt is playing a game. It's some type of internet blog performance art.

    It's easy to say stupid stuff, as many of the commenters on this site prove frequently, but to do it purposefully and with such panache takes real skill and dedication.

    Just let Americanlt and Mister Poochy continue their games. I don't know exactly why he's doing it, but in the end it's just a game.


  9. It isn't just Sheridan Park, all of Uptown is getting worse. Shooting are through the roof.

  10. Today's Trib has a link where anyone can get more precise detail about the amount and type of crime in their neighborhood. It takes the types of crime going back several years so you see the trends.

    If people are going to argue, at least use some facts to back them up.

  11. Thanks for the link...even going by the CPD's numbers (lol) violent crime in Uptown is up. Things are getting worse.

  12. About 6 shots were just fired in the alley between Malden and Magnolia--cops were on it literally in about a minute..

  13. Alek apparently has a problem with reading graphs. Why let something that might be a bit factual get in the way of his argument?

    If you believe the CPD numbers Uptown lags other neighboring hoods in certain types of crime categories. That makes sense because of more retail in Lincoln Park/Lakeview and also the criminals tend to go where they perceive more pickings.

    Even Lincoln Park outpaces us for some violent crimes. Lakeview too. More nightlife more of those types of crimes.

    If you're a rapists where do you think there would be more targets of opportunity Uptown or Lincoln Park?

    Where Uptown wins the Silver medal in north lakefront hoods is gang related shootings. If that category were broken down Rogers Park would lead the way.

    If you want a nice low rate for all crime categories head over to Lincoln Square.

    Now with the exception of homicide, sexual assault and arson I don't put a whole of faith in the CPD numbers. Unless one is going to argue that the department is "killing more crime stats" in Uptown than neighboring hoods the numbers do provide a very imperfect snapshot of the differences in crime between neighborhoods.

    So endeth the lesson.

  14. According o the graph, crime is higher now than 2009...which was a terrible post crash year. Amazing that all the usuals here were ranting the sky is falling madmen when Helen was in office. Now things are worse and it's rationalization after rationalization....hmmm. The word I'm looking for is hypocrisy and it's the modus operandi for posters on this blog. Remember the Maryville TIF that was a massive deal breaker issue that has since morphed into a don't talk about it footnote? Classic Chicago.

  15. Mr. Pirate, I would say that Uptown takes the Bronze medal for gang shootings. I would award the Gold to Humbolt Park & the Silver to Rogers Park.

  16. Two things:
    1) Nothing that the chicago police state in terms of statistics regarding crime is to be believed. Compstat is a joke, and our numbers are down because of human intervention - not because crime is actually down
    2) I disagree with the UU stance that we should be thankful because when we compare our numbers to other ares the crime "really isn't that bad". That is nonsense. Crime is not relative, it is absolute. Perception does matter, as does the actual crime taking place. According to the local community's standards, there is too much crime here in Uptown. Sorry UU, you're wrong.

  17. Americanlt,

    you and Mister Poochy keep up the performance art babe. Keep on Walkin'.


    I'm not sure what your fascination is with Maryville is, but the TIF was only one of the issues many people had with the Sedgewick proposal.

    Personally I felt Sedgewick handled the entire process badly, had a poor design and had serious questions regarding their financial viability. Outside that I LOVED the Sedgewick proposal.

    Personally I don't mind TIF money being used at Maryville up until the point of the "donation" the developer is being forced to make for low income housing.

    If I were Grand Poobah of Chicago I would give the new developer greater density and eliminate or reduce the TIF component entirely.

    As for your reading of the crime stats go back and read again. The historic crime trends charts the Tribune offers only cover the first NINETEEN DAYS of each of the years in question.

    Not much of a dataset and even so you still read them wrong. If you wanted to cherrypick data using that set and focused on only violent crime 2012 had less crime than 2009. Two whole less violent crimes reported in the NINETEEN day reporting period. WOO HOO.

    Now go back to trolling the internet looking for things to whine about. I need to shower and go see "Zero Dark Thirty".

    I was thisclose to going on the Bin Laden raid myself. Unfortunately, the Special Operations Commander felt that a fat guy who doesn't shoot very well and would have to wait at the bottom of the stairs to catch his breath wasn't a necessary component of the mission.

    Oh well I guess killing pigeons, or do you say "Rock Doves", will have to suffice. I walked by Ace Hardware yesterday and there were plenty of targets. "Die, avian Terrorista Scum".

    Perhaps I could have borrowed Mister Poochy from Americanlt and taken him on the Bin Laden raid. They could have used Mister Poochy as a backup for the German Shepherd that went along.

    I can see the story now:

    Uptown Dog Kills Bin Laden and decries Liquor Stores and Methadone Clinics.

  18. Alright here's the deal, Blackstones are on Wilson west of the tracks up to Clark where the Latin Kings start and go up to Ashland. ViceLords /Mickey Cobras / 4 Corner Hustlers are on Wilson east of the tracks to Clarendon. Gangster Disciples have all of Lawrence up to Clark and North to Argyle where there are little pockets of each gang there thru edgewater / RP and Evanston. And right now all of the above mentioned gangs are at war with each other. So based off the mentioned gang-turf associations you can pretty much tell which area is going to see a retaliatory attack. For example, a shooting on Wilson and Magnolia will probably result in retaliation anywhere east of the tracks on Wilson and/or the Lawrence/Argyle area. Stay safe.