Monday, January 14, 2013

"Save Stockton School" Holds Event Next Saturday

The grass-roots group "Save Stockton School" and Chicago Teachers Union are holding a community event next Saturday, January 19th, in their efforts to keep Stockton School from being closed by the school board.  It will be held at the school (4520 N Beacon) between 11am and 1pmRead more on the website.

CPS has not announced any specific school closings yet, but according to the criteria it released last week, several Uptown schools meet the guidelines for closure.  According to the Tribune, they can be summed up as:  "Don't close any high schools. Don't close schools with more than 600 kids. Don't close middling schools that are "on the rise" academically. Don't close schools that have already gone through consolidations. Don't close schools that are adding grades. Don't close schools that are close to "efficient" capacity. Don't close the best-performing schools."

The Sun-Times crunched some numbers and came up with an unofficial list of 137 schools that could be closed in accordance with those policies.  They include
  • Stockton (performing at Level 3 academically, with 47 percent of ideal enrollment); 
  • Brennemann (performing at Level 2 academically, with 51 percent of ideal enrollment); and
  • Stewart (performing at Level 2 academically, with 41 percent of ideal enrollment). 
McCutcheon, Disney and Goudy are not on the Sun-Times' list of possible closures.  Greeley, just outside of Uptown in Lakeview, is not on the list; Trumbull, just outside of Uptown in Edgewater, is (performing at Level 3 academically, with 54 percent of ideal enrollment).

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  1. I wouldn't touch anything the ctu is involved in. unless all you care about are the teachers and their jobs.