Thursday, January 3, 2013

JDL Goes To The Z&D

More than alphabet soup! Ald. Cappleman says:

"Clarendon/Montrose Development - JDL Proposal. The 46th Ward Zoning & Development Committee will be meeting with the developer to discuss this proposal on Monday, January 28th (7pm) at Weiss Hospital Auditorium. For more information about this development, click here."


  1. Can Ward residents attend this meeting?

  2. Per the 46th Ward website, Justin, non-members may attend: "Every resident should have at least one representative serving on this committee. Each organization sends one representative of their choosing to the Zoning & Development Committee. Non-members may attend as room allows. Non-members may submit questions to be asked by their representative at the meeting. For more information about this committee and your representative, call the 46th Ward office at 773-878-4646 or email the office at New members may be added to the committee in the future."

    Since the goal of the Zoning & Development committee is transparency, meeting minutes from any committee meeting should be publicly available, preferably on the ward's website. Having minutes online would also help people just entering the process now determine if their questions have already been addressed through previous committee work. Current contact info for the committee members should also be widely available, preferably also assembled on the website.

  3. Can we get everyone in favor of JDL's plans to show up and give them the support. Also to let them know that 5% affordable housing is more than enough for this project. Lets not let the criminals slip into this proposed building.

  4. I agree with EnoughisEnough!!! Let's do this.