Friday, January 4, 2013

When Icicles Attack

A reader writes in:  "It's that time of year again.  The Lawrence underpass at Lake Shore Drive has been in need of repair for a long, long time and as with every winter, it is getting giant ice buildup on its' underside.  The ice was HUGE yesterday when I went running along the lake but when I went back today, the ice had warmed up just enough to come crashing down.  Only a matter of time before the ice hits a vehicle or pedestrian so I do hope the city pays attention to this matter in 2013!"

We know that the bridges at Wilson and Lawrence are on CDOT's list of planned improvements for 2011-2015.  In the post we ran about it in 2011, a commenter confirmed that his/her firm was working on the plans and it would be a vast improvement.  We can only hope it happens before someone gets hurt.

"P.S. - the pedestrian underpass behind Margate Park isn't looking much better."  Scary indeed.  If you see this again, please, readers, call 311 and report it as a "dangerous and hazardous condition."


  1. I'm surprised that at this point they don't just wait until the whole reconstruction on north LSD. If they're going to be rebuilding those two bridges, they're going to need to close half the lanes on LSD in each direction, and that's a notable amount of vehicle capacity. If they're smart, they'll rebuild both bridges at the same time as to minimize the impact to traffic. Unlike with the Fullerton bridge, where they were able to keep traffic flowing pretty well, especially once they opened the 1st reconstructed half with an added lane, if CDOT were even to add a lane for a future shoulder or whatnot, one lane wouldn't make a difference when taking 4 lanes and making them 2.

  2. Call 911? For icicles? I think the CPD and CFD have much more important things to attend to than icicles. Why not take a broom and/or a ladder to knock them down instead of whining about it on the internet?

  3. Moutstainz, with little or no effort mentally... I can come to the conclusion that UU made a simple transposition error in their article. They put 911 instead of 311. There is no doubt in my mind that UU knows the difference b/w 911 and 311. Please give them the benefit of the doubt and don't hastily judge. Have a great weekend, Moutstainz!

  4. Based on some of what I have read on here over the years, I can, with little or no effort mentally, come to the conclusion that calling 911 for this "hazardous and dangerous situation" is not automatically a typo. Furthermore, the 9 and 3 keys are FAR away from each other on a keyboard.

    I wasn't "judging," but merely suggesting a broom and ladder might be a more effective solution to the problem instead of calling the city to fix it (let's face it the icicles might be long melted by the time they showed up anyway).