Saturday, January 5, 2013

Hola, El Maya

Now that the threat of the end of the world via ancient calendar is over, El Maya looks forward to a long future.  Located at 1522 W Montrose, in the same space where Chilapan opened in late winter 2012, El Maya offers (according to its sign) modern Mexican cuisine.  If you supply the tequila, they'll mix up a pitcher of margaritas for you.

We can't find a website for it, but it appears to have opened very recently.  We saw the "Chilapan" letters being removed from the building's facade just this past week.  On December 15th, Chilapan posted on its Facebook page that "We are sad to report that our Montrose location has been sold and is no longer a Chilapan. The place is now called El Maya is owned by Grimaldi 'Jimmy' Lituma." 

According to Yelp, El Maya is open at 5pm, Monday through Friday (no mention of weekend hours), and the phone number is (773) 878-1882.

If you still want a taste of Chilapan, you can visit its original location in Logan Square, at 2459 W Armitage.

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  1. I live around the corner from El Maya and went in last night for the first time and was VERY happy with it!!

    It is the same concept as Chilapan, but I think the food is even better and they give you chips and salsa for an ap, where as Chilapan did not.

    They repainted the inside and the tables so it isn't as "loud", but they kept the fun colorful chairs.

    Jimmy, the owner was great! He was checking to be sure everyone was enjoying their meal, with a great smile.

    They are open Monday - Saturday.

    I really hope it does well. Our neighborhood needs it and I would love to see a small buisness owner succeed.

    Stop in for dinner, I bet you will not be disappointed!!