Saturday, December 8, 2012

Unique Marble Sculpture Available

If you have a love of the unique, a garden, and a mode of transportation that can handle something very, very heavy--this may be your lucky day.

The marble sculpture pictured above was found lying in an Uptown alley.  A reader found it and wants this beautiful piece to have a home, rather than being broken up by a sledgehammer and ending up in a landfill somewhere.  Click on any of the photos to see a larger version of it.

If you are interested in rehoming this, please call 773-339-XXXX to make arrangements.  Be forewarned that it is extremely heavy and getting it from the alley to its new home will be a challenge.  Its past is shrouded in mystery, but your garden could be its future.

Update:  A little bit of the mystery has been solved.  A reader says:  "A stone carver used to live in the apartment building at Sheridan and Lawrence.  Some of these appeared in the alley after one of the shops was cleaning out stuff from a storage space.  I think this is the biggest of those.  The others were lighter and therefore easier to move."

Update:  There are a couple serious offers to pick up the sculpture, so the person offering it has asked us to take it "off the market."  Hopefully it will have a good home within the week.


  1. I just called up, the guy says its REALLY heavy and may take up to 4 guys to move it. Will be interesting to see who ends up with it. I will keep my fingers crossed. Hopefully it will have a nice new home. Ofcourse I wasnt the first to call.

  2. What are the approximate dimensions?

  3. Nice piece. That looks like limestone to me, a common building material quarried in Illinois and Indiana and used extensively in Chicago buildings. I have two pieces of similar shape in my backyard; they once held up a balcony on a brick apartment building near Loyola University.

    As I recall, I was able to lever the pieces into the back of a hatchback with one other person. Only scratched the bumper a little bit. A hand truck would come in handy as well, and might be your best bet for transporting a short distance.