Tuesday, December 18, 2012

JDL's Renderings Of Proposed Maryville Plan

Those who attended last week's meeting with JDL Development about their plans for Maryville have already seen these.  They're large files, so click on them to see a larger version, and download if you'd like.  We scaled them down from the original size, but tried to keep them big enough so that the details could be read.


  1. Way to go JDL for bringing it down to only 5% affordable housing!!!
    I really really dig the layout! Now please let it be built!!!
    There should be no opposition to this development! Anyone who does has to be some extreme liberal with some silly complaint about height

  2. Everything looks good design/density wise. The TIF use is still a joke and the "affordable housing" was going to be $1,200 1 bedrooms...so yeah. 20% is fine...especially since that is public money anyways.

    Whatever, though. I'm pragmatic and this is probably the best we can hope for.

  3. $1200 a month for a 1 bedroom is affordable housing?

  4. This is really great! Townhouses on the first floor are a really good use of space and pull the scale where it needs to be. I really hope this gets built!

  5. http://www.dnainfo.com/chicago/20121227/uptown/critics-say-planned-luxury-lakefront-complex-needs-more-affordable-units

  6. I make slightly more than the 60% median salary requirement so I'm not qualified to be in a rent-subsidized unit and I'm perfectly fine with a view of another building in my window and lack of sunlight in a vintage building where I live. Low-income families can have a safe and comfortable home and it doesn't need to be in a luxury lake-front apartment building. The reality is that we need more households with disposable income to jump start local businesses so we all can continue subsidizing rents for the less-advantaged.

    Uptown is not sustainable because of the ratio of middle/low income households and it hurts everyone. Everyone!

    Evanston is offering funds to middle income families towards purchase price of a house. Why? Because they want more middle income families spending money in Evanston. Shouldn't Uptown be encouraging to do the same?

    The way things in Uptown are, I would rather pay my taxes to subsidize luxury development which will lead to higher prosperity to everyone and support the affordable housing fund rather than continuing the unsustainable trend of over-saturating the area with affordable housing.

    There should be no affordable housing in this development and all of the money should go to the affordable housing fund so that families can be housed elsewhere.

  7. When is the next meeting? We should all go to support the developer and this awesome project which is so needed right now.

  8. Gee, I see Jeffrey Littleton has complained... what a shock. How much property tax has he paid into the TIF. or anywhere, in the last 20 years?

  9. This developer gets it, and glad we have an alderman who also gets it. Uptown will only survive as a balanced neighborhood with mostly middle-class or upper-class citizens feeding into the tax base, NOT as a dumping ground for only the poor.

    I pray that this is a sign of things to come and not a once in century development.

    #proluxury #classyuptown

  10. Project is fine as is, the area needs it and without TIF assistance, this site is another strip mall filled with cash 4 golds and subways in the making.

    It is kind of funny that so many complaining about the TIF component with Sedgewick have now come around and support the project with no qualms over the TIF use.

    Anyways, the design is great, density is great and we avoid having this developed in the suburban style so popular in Uptown. Big win.

  11. The comments on the DNAINFO story are great.

    All three major Uptown trolls are out in force. Littleton, Paulus and he who is banned from many websites. Add in a supporting cast of wannabee trolls and the amusement is rising faster than Rush Limbaugh's heartbeat at the site of "American Male" and "Cigar Aficionado" magazines laying across one another on his coffee table.

    Littleton particularly has his tighty whities in a bunch. He, JEFFREY LITTLETON, is going to lead the battle against the specifics of this heinous plan. He's even comparing the Capplemaniac to Romney. I can only hope that Littleton decides to run against Cappleman in 2015. He announced he was going to run in 2011, but in a rare moment of lucidity decided not to.

    Please Jeffrey, run. Run, Jeffrey, Run. Get Paulus to handle your campaign. He claims a direct line to the Almighty and you're gonna need divine help to win. My Romneyfreude is wearing thin as the weeks go on and I need something to amuse me.

    Overall I think this proposed development is good or goodish. The changes I would make are NO affordable housing. I would also increase the number of units, add in a requirement that a certain number of parking spaces be set aside for ZipCar spots or something similar, reduce the number of parking spaces overall and add turrets at strategic places on the tower to lure pigeons to their deaths by electrified means. ZAP,,,,,,,,zzzzzzzzzz.............ZAP.

    This will be fun to watch. It'll be nice to see if Littleton or someone else can engage the demoralized remants of the Shilleristas to fight this battle. They ain't gonna win, but they need to be encouraged. Vive la Counter Revolution!

    PS Don't expect any help from Shiller, guys. She's out there drumming up business for her strip club lobbying firm. Oops, I forgot. That paperwork was a mistake. St. Helen had nothing to do with that.

  12. The entire wilson yard apartment all for affordable housing is still not enough?!

  13. I would not be opposed to eliminating the affordable housing element and allowing additional floors for incremental cash flow and investment return to offset the penalty payment. I love the zipcar idea. Perosnally, I have high expectations for the northside redline modernization project. Public transit in this ward should improve and hopefully decrease our reliance on vehicles. I wish more people will embrace public transit.

  14. I support the JDL plan and like they reduced the affordable housing percentage. We already have enough affordable housing options in Uptown.

  15. Love the JDL plan and looking forward to all the positive things that will follow. Agree with Unknown @ 5:36 pm. We are over saturated with government funded housing in Uptown. Time to balance things out a bit.

  16. I like this development but these types of comments are getting old and are pretty great evidence of a disinformation campaign.

    "I support the JDL plan and like they reduced the affordable housing percentage. We already have enough affordable housing options in Uptown."

    The "affordable units" in this case would be $1,200 1bdrm apartments. A $1,200 1 bdrm apartment is expensive for Andersonville, Lake View, (insert more desirable hood here) much less Uptown. Anyone paying $1,200 for a 1 bdrm in Uptown is clearly getting ripped off. My last rental 1 bdrm on Marine was 950, huge and included everything.

    "Affordable" is clearly being used as a buzz word and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth and I know I'm not the only one. The hypothetical affordable units aren't going to be THC, Heartland, etc SRO crack dens....they are going to be some of the most expensive units in Uptown.

    Real Talk

  17. Park Place rentals for 1 bedroom are around $1,600+, which is on the high side for the area due to the amenities (pool, fitness center, valet, etc.). I would think this building would have equivalent or higher market price rents due to similar amenities, but a new building construction could justify a premium. Park Place is over 40 years old and I am also sure that the recent special assessment this year has pushed rents higher in the building as owners are trying to offset the capital expenditure. Owners had a choice for a one lump sum or a 10 year payment plan.

    I need to educate myself more on TIF Funding and affordable housing, so I cannot comment intelligently on this subject, but I do agree that $1,200 does seem high. I also believe that the amount should be higher than a normal 1 bedroom equivalent due to the amenities, premium location and age of the building, but by how much is the question.

    I have been unable to attend the community meetings due to my late office hours downtown and I attempted to visit Cappleman’s office today not knowing it was closed until January 1st. I am interested in learning more about TIF Funding and if this development can occur without it to eliminate the heated debate. Also, if the developer chooses to pay the penalty for the entire percentage, does that money return to the area for another affordable housing opportunity.

    I might have to schedule a late afternoon dentist appointment so I can join the next meeting.

  18. Justin: In short, the TIF district cannot be disabled, at least not yet. The Montrose/Clarendon TIF was pushed through in 2010, over the loud objections of many in the community, by Ald. Shiller. It was backed by John Wyman of Clarendon Park Neighbors and Marty Paris of Sedgwick Properties, who wanted to build Lake View Station there, among others.

    Search UU for "Maryville TIF" to see the community opposition to it.

    The ironic part came in 2011, when Wyman, on behalf of CPNA, spoke out strongly against Sedgwick's planned development.

    TIFs *can* be disabled. Just last November, the Lakeside Clarendon TIF was shut down after it had produced no income after 7 years of existence.

    But the Maryville TIF was one of Shiller's last accomplishments during her tenure, going into effect in 2010. If it is to be shut down, it won't be for seven years or so. By then, I fully expect to see large buildings and no boarded up former hospital buildings at the site.

    But this is Uptown, anything can happen.

  19. When is the next meeting so we can witness all the idiots opposing this great development and so we can support JDL in its plans to make this Uptown dream come true?

  20. Thank Justin...I'm actually fine with the $1,200 number given the newness and amenities...I just don't get the handwringing over the horrific possibility that 20% of this building could be "affordable" $1,200 1bdrms. Are there really people out there afraid of that demographic?

    It's obvious how much baggage the word affordable carries after years under Helen. But people need to get it together.

  21. Specifics of the Montrose/Clarendon TIF, including the affected property index numbers, are available on the city website: http://www.cityofchicago.org/city/en/depts/dcd/supp_info/tif/montrose_clarendontif.html

    Summary info from that link: "The Montrose/Clarendon TIF was designated to foster improvements within the Clarendon Park neighborhood within the Uptown community. The 31-acre district is characterized by institutional buildings occupied by Columbus Maryville Emergency Shelter until 2009, several nearby residential buildings, and public open spaces. The large majority of increment anticipated to be generated by the district will be allocated for the acquisition, remediation and rehabilitation of the former shelter buildings and improvements to other existing structures in Clarendon Park and adjacent residential areas. Job training and public works improvements are also identified as eligible expenses."