Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Graffiti Blasters Coming On Friday

Ald. Cappleman tweeted:  "Graffiti Blitz in the on Friday, December 7th! Call 311 or let our office know where you see graffiti!" 

We've seen a lot of new scribbles, and you probably have, too.  Please call 311 or write or call the 46th Ward Office to report what you see.  You'll be asked the address of the graffiti; what surface it's on; if it's at the rear, front or side of the building; and if it's over six feet off the ground.


  1. How about blasting the bird crap off the sidewalk under the Lawrence L stop?

  2. How about a graffiti tracker program to actually catch the perps and recoup SOME money? There isnt much as far as punishment for the graffiti taggers right now.

  3. Oh dear. I still remember all those Clam Chowder tags from a years ago.