Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Get Your Buns Over To Baker & Nosh

This year, Baker & Nosh (1303 W Wilson) will be celebrating St. Lucia Day (December 13th) by offering Lussekatter (Lucia Buns), the traditional Swedish saffron bun served during this Swedish celebration.

Some history:  On December 13th, the Swedish people celebrate the Italian Saint Lucia with a remarkable enthusiasm, surpassing any Italian festivities devoted to the same lady. One mandatory constituent in the celebrations is a saffron-flavored bun, in Swedish called a lussekatt, a "Lucia cat". The strong yellow coloring was meant to ward off the darkness of the devil.

The Lussekatter will be available at Baker & Nosh on December 13th and for pre-order.


  1. Just don't do as I did and go early, hoping to have your lussekatter with your morning coffee. I was told that the buns wouldn't be ready until 10 or 11.

  2. They were well worth waiting for! Yum!!!