Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Community Meeting Regarding New Liquor License

As we reported a couple weeks ago, the owners of Lawrence House and Green Dolphin Street have applied for a liquor license for a new club they'd like to open at Irving Park and Broadway.

Buena Park Neighbors reports in its latest newsletter that there's going to be a meeting to get the neighbors' feedback:
"Liquor License at Irving Park and Broadway.  Alderman Cappleman is announcing a meeting scheduled for December 10th at the Gill Park Fieldhouse for residents to air their opinions on a request by a bar owner to open a bar and grill at the corner of Irving Park and Broadway where Arnold's restaurant used to be.  Buena Park Neighbors encourages anyone who is interested to attend this meeting.  The particulars of the meeting are:

Date:   Monday, December 10th
Time:  7pm
Place:  Gill Park Fieldhouse, 825 W. Sheridan Rd.

Please put this on your calendar and join us and make your opinion known."
Update: From the January 2013 BPN Newsletter----"Alderman Cappleman held a meeting for residents to air their opinions with regards to a proposed bar and grill at the corner of Irving Park and Broadway where Arnold's restaurant used to be. Some 25 people attended and voted against approving the license request. No further action is planned at this time. If you have any questions or concerns about this, please contact James Cappleman."


  1. Bad idea in that spot-Thorek Hospital a few doors away-the noise at night and parking is already bad in that area.

  2. Plus the owners own the pit known as Lawrence House. If they cant take care of that, how can they be responsive to neighbors when they have a liquor license.

  3. I live about a block away and probably would have frequented this establishment out of convenience (if their petition is successful) had I not known the info you provided about the owners. Thanks for doing the digging on this, UU. Will continue to patronize Michaels and the BOB for my nighttime fun.

  4. These owners are responsible for a huge number of gang customers in our neighborhood...screw 'em

  5. Look at their history and the city should not award a liquor license to a business owner that has violated numerous city ordinances.

  6. How ironic. That use to be C4 Recovery Point. Substance abusers would always be smoking cigarettes & lingering around outside there.

  7. Just another example of people's twisted priorities.

  8. I live 2 blocks away and think it's a great idea to bring another business to the neighborhood. Loved Arnold's and will be glad to see the space occupied.