Saturday, December 22, 2012

Chester's Chicken Now Open

A few readers noticed that Chester's Chicken has apparently opened at 4662 N Broadway, next to Spoil Me Salon and across the street from Ace Hardware.

"On my way out tonight, it appeared that Chester's at Leland/Broadway was open and serving at least one customer. The door is still missing typical signage such as hours, credit cards accepted, etc." 

You can read more about the Chester's chain here and see the menu items offered.


  1. Does that mean more illegal parking on Broadway as with the place on Clifton and Wilson? Hopefully that issue is worked out. Its hard enough to find parking anywhere.

  2. I will have to try this. Never had Chesters before but I do love chicken. Let's see who wins this one, Jakes, Uptown BBQ, Harolds, or Chesters.

  3. I went to the Ace Hardware around noon today to pick up some screws and stopped at Chester's for some chicken.

    Ask anyone who knows me and they'll tell ya the IrishPirate loves a good screw and fried chicken.

    Not necessarily at the same time.

    Right Caring Neighbor?

    Hint, hint wink wink.

    By the way the chicken is excellent.

  4. Since their corporate website sucks, no location finder, here's thephone number for their Uptown location.


    Their take out menu sayz they do take out and catering.

  5. We have so many chicken places. I suppose any business is good? We need a high end specialty pet shop for the many pets that reside in Uptown.

  6. NOT a fan of Soggy Paws... so I agree, a NEW pet supply/grooming store will hopefully open in Uptown soon..

  7. It's a little outside the border, but Urban Pooch has been good to me. Sunnyside/Ravenswood

  8. I had a bad experience at Soggy Paws. Mr.Poochy gets bored with his toys very quickly