Monday, December 24, 2012

A Buyer For The Chateau?

We missed this part the first time we read Ald. Cappleman's newsletter....

"Hotel Chateau Update.  At the December 4th court hearing, an attorney representing the owners of the Chateau Hotel filed an appearance and came to an agreed order with the City to address a number of the dangerous and hazardous conditions at the property.  The case was continued until January 29th at 11:00 am for case management and to give the City time to file an amended complaint.

Also present was a group of attorneys representing a potential purchaser for the property.  No further information is available for the potential buyer at this time.

Besides me attending this hearing, there were approximately thirty tenants, business owners, and neighbors who appeared in court. The presence of the community was noted by the presiding judge and resulted in a shorter court date than normally would have been issued. Anyone interested in attending the next court date should contact Dana at or call 773-878-4646 for more information."


  1. I have more Rogers-Park concerns these days but I could definitely be an expert witness on living in SRO conditions.
    The money people spend to live in squalor like that could be put towards a "proper" apartment or home. The whole idea of SRO's and the lifestyle associated with them really has to go, I don't care if people cry foul. Is it really that good of living to share a bathroom with another room, or fight giant rats for your dinner? The whole place is a electrical fire waiting to go off, just like the Diplomat was.
    It used to be embarassing to live in a such a manner and we'd only speak of those in hushed tones, now people take to the streets to defend this abominable lifestyle.

  2. Speaking of the Diplomat, I found this: It looks like they'll be doing some great stuff to the old structure, and hopefully something similar, maybe even by the same firm, can come up to Uptown and the Chateau. I'm sure it's still a great building if only someone gave it a chance.

  3. At one time I would have lived there..........perhaps 1935 c.e.