Friday, November 16, 2012

Victory For "Team Lobbyists"

Brendan and Helen Shiller should be very happy:  The client for whom they are registered lobbyists won a 19-year battle with the city yesterday.

According to a draft agreement that awaits Rahm's signature, Pooh Bah Enterprises, who run "VIP’s A Gentlemen’s Club," won the right to remain in business, as long as it pays the City $1.5million in disputed taxes and $1million in legal fees.  It also can't break the adult entertainment ordinance even once in a one-year period without the club being shut down for good.

We can't wait to see who the next client is, after this win with "Chicago’s only full liquor & topless bar."  (The whole story is in the Sun-Times.)  And seriously, we wish the former alderman a lot of satisfaction in this next phase of her life.  She devoted nearly four decades to Uptown.  It  must be a relief to deal with issues that lie far outside the ward and community.  We urge more of the same ... strongly.


  1. Ready to start an over under on what year UU will end its crusade against Helen Shiller. We get it, she is reponsible for all the evil that exists and has no redeeming qualities. Now, how about we forget about her. Its not like this "club" is located in Uptown.

  2. "Crusade against" Helen Shiller?

    Sean, go back and read it.

    We mentioned her success. We congratulated her. And this is sincere.

    We never doubted Helen thought she was doing the right thing in Uptown. We just disagreed strongly with what she thought was "right."

    And yes, she's gone. You are free to forget her if you so choose. We meant it when said we were happy she is putting all her public policy passion and experience in a new direction.

    You know what would be pathetic? If she hung around the 46th Ward trying to interfere in what's going on now, like Sarah Palin keeps thinking she's somehow relevant on the national stage four years after she ceased to be a story. Or like 21-year-olds who hang out at the high school where they were popular, trying to hold onto glory days. That would be sad, and we're glad Helen isn't doing that here. Upward and onward, and a pretty significant victory her first time out of the gate as a lobbyist.

    We talked about the dick move Committeeman Gene Schulter tried to pull on new alderman Pawar and gave it the scorn it deserved. If Mary Ann Smith did anything as interesting as lobby for a gentleman's club, we'd cover that for sure.

    We like Helen a lot better when she's not trying to run Uptown.

    Now, instead of seeing "crusades" where they don't exist, go find a Buddha head and ripple out some peaceful vibes, man.

  3. Sean,

    I missed this story out of the Sun Times. Congrats to Team Shiller for what looks like a victory for their client and the taxpayers.

    Now you may not feel that this is an appropriate story for UU, but the people running UU do.

    They win.

    Now if a former alderman from say Lincoln Park for Beverly had been lobbying for the strip club I could see arguing that it's not an Uptown related story. When said lobbyist is named S H I L L E R it's an Uptown story. An amusing U P T O W N story.

    Don't worry though Sean there will be more posts here in the future related to Shiller and you can make more inane passive aggressive comments on them. A quick google search shows me that such comments seem to bring joy to your otherwise joyless existence.

    Me, I have 10,000 twinkies I'm prepared to sell to the highest bidder.

  4. PS

    I have one strong suggestion for Aldercritter in Chief and bane of Sean's existence James Cappleman.

    If S H I L L E R tries to inject herself in the 2015 aldermanic race by moderating a debate tell her to put on a pasty and head down to Old Town. Her days as a force in Uptown are OVAH!

  5. Well caring neighbor I apologize then for seeing your post as just another attempt to elicit negative and snarky comments from readers about Helen Shiller, which posts about her invariably seem to do.

    And IP, I voted for James Cappleman and continue to support and applaud his work so far so lay off the insulting comments conclusions about what I think of James Cappleman.

    Really, joyless existence? Based on the volume and frequency of your comments, it seems to be the sum total of your joy in life and social interactions comes from posting on Uptown Update. Get a life.

  6. Sean,

    I'm crying right now and eating my twinkies.

    By the way anyone who says "get a life" needs to take their own advice.

    Best wishes for more Helen related rants.....

    I utilized the google to find that many of your UU comments revolve around complaining about people complaining about Shiller.

    Also I don't believe you voted for Cappleman based on some of your posts, but I didn't do an exhaustive search.

    I'm coming down from my twinkie high.............

  7. Sean--consider it like this:

    The "Shiller Effect" is like a case of herpes for Uptown; we may not always have an open flare-up, but it'll be with us forever nevertheless.

    IP--If you have HO HOs too I'm ready to deal..

  8. USH,

    I think that if you think no one from JPUSA has commented on this you're wrong. I think.

    Utilize this search and look around at "Sean"'s comments over the last three years.

    Notice the writing style, the defense of low income housing, the anger when Shiller is disparaged, the passive aggression etc.

    Da Link.

    By the way "Sean" is the Irish name for "John". It's also slang for someone who patronizes a hooker. Someone who enables a hooker.

    The question is who is or was the hooker and who is or was the pimp? A poverty pimp even.

    What does that mean? Why am I being as cryptic as an episode of "Homeland"?

    Am I channeling my inner Glenn Beck?

    Could be Doc. Could be I'm channeling Bugs Bunny.

  9. One more thang before I go back to my twinkies you gotta make sure you got the right "Sean".

    It's this one right here.

  10. Sounds like a win for the city. They get $ out of the club. Then, it should pretty simple to set 'em up during the first year to close 'em down.

  11. Sean John (that sounds familar), Uranium 235 (radioactive material) Halflife is, 710,000,000 years. To answer your first post,I think that is about fair over/under for when UU should stop allowing posts about how Alderman Shiller being, in my opinion, poisonous to all she ruled over.

    Those of us left both living and working in the 46th Ward (note, Helen does neither now) have to deal with her radioactive legacy for our Sean/John , there is your answer... 710,000,000 years

  12. I like Sean's posts. I am not Sean. If I post, unlike most of the folk on Uptown Update, I actually post using my own name.

    I have an idea. Let's celebrate the re-election of our President. That's what I'm doing. I've spent the last few years trying, among other things, to undermine the so-called "Christian Right." It feels very good to see Barack Obama re-elected... very good indeed.

    I have no zingers to offer IP... he's on a one-man crusade to either offend me or make me laugh. He often achieves the second, and I mean that in the very best (har har) "passive aggressive" manner.

    Back to living my life... and blessings as you do likewise.

  13. Jon Trott, how does the Peoples Church feel about gay people?

  14. USH,

    give it up, babee.

    Anyway JPUSA and the Peoples Church are two separate groups.


    you do know that UU can look at IP addresses of people who post comments right?

    I hope you have a better understanding of the internet than former CIA Director Petraeus.

    I now leave you with Rock of Ages.

  15. Um, I am not a member of Peoples Church. That's the church on Lawrence Avenue. You're perhaps conflating Jesus People USA Covenant Church with People's Church?

    Re homosexuality, I cannot speak for an entire church and wouldn't try. I have voted for Greg Harris since he began running for State Rep., and voted as well for his predecessor. I favor adult couples being able to legally choose their own marriage partners, and am sick to death of the "culture wars." I also believe the Scriptures are serious, but for that to be unpacked further would have to take place over a cup of coffee face to face rather than on a blog with anonymous questioners.

    Blessings in this Thanksgiving / Christmas Season. And I'm serious, by the way, about the cup of coffee. ;-)

  16. Jon, 1.) I stand correct on the JPUSA reference. 2.) I will not allow you to get away with trying to be something you are not. Earlier you based the "Christian Right" As I understand that JPUSA is vehemently against Gays, I would put JPUSA in the radical "Christian Right" family, so I think it is blatantly dishonest and disingenuous to try to portray the religion you ascribe too, as anything but part of the "Christian Right" You are not allowed to pretend that it is anything but...

    If you can prove me wrong that the scriptures that JPUSA are pro-Gay, great. If you cannot, don't speak down to me as a child and say let's meet over coffee to try to diffuse the arguement. It is insulting to the readers that should understand how JPUSA truly feels about our LGBTA neighbors and families.

    So please, prove me wrong Jon...

  17. More of this argument between USH and Trott!!! It is getting interesting!!

  18. "If you can prove me wrong that the scriptures that JPUSA are pro-Gay, great. "

    I know this is a typo, not criticizing just can't discern what you meant.

  19. USH, I'm not sure you have the power to "allow" or "disallow" me to say anything I want. I have no desire to control your ability to say whatever you please, and expect similar respect.

    You are welcome to believe whatever you wish about JPUSA. I would note that if we are "Christian Right" folk, the 22nd Precinct poll results are sure strange. 89% Obama... that's around 10 percent higher than Chicago as a whole. And of course President Obama did campaign on gay marriage far more overtly this year than he did in 2008.

    Almost all historic Christianity finds homosexuality problematic. The Christian Right, however, turns gays into cartoonish characatures for political gain. I'd hope Christians would steer clear of such behavior. I'd hope all of us would steer clear of such behavior... whether it had to do with gays or with Jesus People.


  20. IP, JT just makes me laugh, thus my typo Thanks for catching.

    Jon Trott, thank you for affirming that JPUSA is not a gay affirming religious order. In fact, the opposite. I think it important that the rest of Uptown understands where such a large group of people residing here, using many of the "free" social services paid for by taxpayers, stands on social issues. Particularly when they are receiving/awarded government grants. Moving forward, I think this should be fleshed out in a public forum when city/state and federal grants are handed out for any purposes. I prefer my tax dollars are given to organizations that support me and my partner. Not those that condemn me. It amazes me when this organization and those that speak for it, attempt to make it seem as though this group is benign and not against a LARGE portion of those that reside in Uptown. The LGBTA community and our allies and parents. I vehemently disagree...

    "Right wing Religion" Jon? I find this stance to be extreme...and right wing, regardless for whom you voted.

  21. USH... I don't think you're talking to me, but to some sort of cartoon "other" you have in your head. If my being the target of your anger does you good, then have at it. If you'd like to know who I am versus whom you'd prefer I was, let me know. But if you don't want me to be anything but your perceptions... there's not much I can do about that except move on.

    There is a bit of dark humor in all this for me, as on the Christian Right I'm usually viewed as having "caved in" on homosexuality and other issues due to my stance that gay marriage should be legal. I in fact discontinued my facebook account after being dechristianized by a few folks there for taking such a position (among others).

    You and your partner are my neighbors, and I intend to treat you that way.