Thursday, November 15, 2012

"This Lady With A Cane, She Tripped Him And He Fell"

Once more, Uptowners to the rescue! A 19-year-old woman was walking on Broadway Tuesday evening when a 56-year-old purse snatcher grabbed her bag, and excitement ensued. We're figuring Erbert Kirkwood, the alleged thief, hadn't counted on being: (1) chased by the victim, (2) tripped by a lady with a cane, (3) tackled by a driver who left his car in the middle of the street to join the pursuit, (4) surrounded by passers-by when he landed on the ground, and (5) held by a former cop until the police arrived.

Oh, yeah, and (6) taped on an iPhone by an off-duty ABC TV producer, who just happened to be in the area.  Tough day and place to do a successful purse grab, I guess.

The story is on ABC7's website.  Mr. Kirkwood is in residence at the Cook County Jail, charged with felony robbery and held on $150,000 bail.

Update:  Interesting to note that Mr. Kirkwood just came off supervision on 10/28/2012 for an attempted Aggravated Robbery committed in 2006.  Among other "marks and tattoos," he has one that reads "C.V.L.," wonder what that's about?  He's also spent at least 22 of the past 33 years in the Pontiac Correctional Center.  His next court date is November 20th.

UU Note:  We assume ABC means the Annoyance Theater, not the Admiral Theater, in its report.


  1. I love this story.

    Here's "Erbert's" Cook County Jail inmate page.

    He's unworthy of a hyperlink.

    Anyone noticed that the reporter said the young woman was heading to her job at the Admiral Theater?

    My guess is she was heading to the Annoyance Theater as the Admiral is 3.5 miles west on Lawrence. The Annoyance is a comedy club. The Admiral....I heard it's a strip club....I heard....yeah...heard.

    This must be strip club month at Uptown Update. First, Shiller lobbying for the Old Town club and now this incident.

    Just did some more searching.

    Seems like this bozo has been in trouble since at least 1974.

    Arrested under the name "Erbert" in Mount Vernon Il at that time.

    Arrested under the name "Ebert" in Jefferson County and did some time downstate.

    He will be going back downstate soon. He just has the worst luck.

  2. Not sure if your mention of his marking "C.V.L." is curious and not already aware of its meaning, but in case you were actually wondering, it stands for "Conservative Vice Lords."

  3. Great job Uptown residents! We have truly been supporting one another wonderfully through tough times while our neighborhood slowly changes for the better!

  4. I think the biggest part of the story is that he just came off a "supervision" for Armed Robbery??!!

  5. I was happy to see residents taking action against these creeps. If more residents would grab these fools word would get around not to go in that neighborhood for sure. Good work and we need more of it....

  6. When there's a downturned economy, crime goes up - we see this all over the country. I think the people who work hard for their money during these tough economic times have an even greater sense of personal property and responsibility. Good for this girl, who seems to be just another decent American trying to make a living, and to the good Samaritans, who if I was around, probably would of kicked the $#it out of this guy.

  7. Great story and happy ending for the victim. It's great to see the good citizens of the neighborhood and the business community getting involved. Who is volunteering to follow this case through court?

  8. Where was he living? He was just released a few weeks ago. That would be my next question. Why was he in Uptown would be my second...

  9. Just to be clear -- he got out of prison three years ago. He's been on mandatory supervision (checking in with a parole officer, etc.) for three years. That period ended 10.28.2012.

    As for where he was living? Very good question. I'm curious as well.

  10. YEA! GO UPTOWN! That's the affect of the ten thousand ripples... We just didn't know it yet. :)