Friday, November 2, 2012

Sheridan Plaza, Then And Now

A reader sent in this photo of Sheridan and Wilson from 1921, featuring the just-completed Sheridan Plaza Hotel.  Sadly, the two beautiful residential buildings on the southeast corner no longer exist.

If you'd like to see what the brand new Sheridan Plaza looked like, the good people at the Chicago Uptown History blog offer a free download of American Builder Magazine from 1921, featuring architect Walter Ahlschlager and plenty of pictures of the hotel, including the original floor plans.  Download a pdf file here.

Below is a Google Streetview photo of the intersection as it appeared in 2009.


  1. Very much enjoy these historic posts. I note the small non-descript apartment just east of the Sheridan Plaza was already there in 1921... and remains there today (though barely... it had a very serious fire a few years back and was nearly torn down before a renovation took place).

  2. In the linked pdf, see especially page 18 for the details of the original roof line.

    He was also the architect of 4707 Broadway, but that wasn't built yet.

    I did the work to put both of these buildings on the National Register, on behalf of the (different) owners.