Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Breaking into show biz has always been rough, as this script rejection form letter from Uptown's fabled Essanay Studios shows.

Check mark next to "Idea has been done before."  (Hasn't stopped half the movies made this century from getting done.)

It comes from a fun website called Retronaut that invites you to "Explore Any Time You Like" and is full of ephemera from the 1300s to present day.  Elvis wearing a feather headdress?  A 1919 guide to "keeping fit" that includes sex ed?  A short film shot by Thomas Edison at the corner of State and Madison in 1897?  It's all there.


  1. Can I have a pad of these to just hand out to people during the day? It would be so useful!

  2. Very cool! Amazing footage at State & Madison.

    Wish I could make out what's written on the signs that the men are carrying about there. Is it some kind of a protest, an advertising campaign, or maybe evangelizing?

    Thanks for sharing this.