Monday, November 12, 2012

More Details On DUI Hit-And-Run

More information is coming out about the hit-and-run committed last Friday in which an 87-year-old man was hit by a drunk driver.

It sounds like the victim is slightly better, as the Sun-Times describes his condition as "critical but stable."  Turns out the man accused of hitting him, Michael Izeta, had a blood alcohol level nearly three times over the legal limit.  According to the Sun-Times:

Michael Izeta, 26, was ordered held on $350,000 bond Sunday when he appeared in court. His Indiana license had already been suspended for driving under the influence and he has at least two prior DUI cases from Indiana on his record, according to the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office.
The car struck Wayne Davis, of the 900 block of West Wilson, who was thrown four feet into the air, the officer reported. 
 Several readers were familiar with Mr. Davis and had spoken to him often.  One woman, who was the last person to speak to him before the accident, says:
[Mr. Davis] had just gotten done petting my dog who was lying down (which she does a lot because she is old) outside of Starbuck’s before he crossed the street. He said to her – “I like you because you are always tired, just like me. I am old and tired.” He said that and then attempted to cross Broadway to go back to the Pancake House where he always has coffee. He always likes to check out the newspaper headlines and then go back and have his coffee at the Pancake House. That is what he was doing. After what happened, his words really seem so poignant & stuck in my mind….. It was also surprising to me when I found out his age. I would have guessed this man was in his mid-70’s – he seems sharp as a tack!
I was thinking it was good that Lawrence was closed, because typically at that time of morning there would have been a lot more people in the intersection.
We continue to hope for Mr. Davis's recovery.

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