Friday, November 30, 2012

Late Night Andersonville Kicks Off The Holidays

Andersonville -- the unofficial neighborhood that straddles sections of Uptown and Edgewater -- is having a Late Night tonight, with plenty of special events to kick off the holiday season.  You can see all the festivities going on, both north and south of Foster, here.  There's a coupon page here, too.

Several shops on the "Uptown side" are highlighting their events and discounts in the flyer to the right.  Be sure to stop by SHE Art, Las Manos Gallery, and Woolly Mammoth Antiques if you're in the area.

Other Uptown businesses include
It'll all happen again on December 14th, but why wait?

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  1. Over a few years, I had an off-and-on occasional interaction with the owner of Las Manos ... she always struck me as a very nice person.