Thursday, November 29, 2012

Lakeview Foods Redux

A reader writes in to say how impressed she is with the new owner and the rehab at Lakeview Foods:  "Lakeview Foods at 4106 N. Sheridan has 25 new coolers and freezers.  All different frozen and fresh foods.  A big assortment of wines, beers and sodas.  Illinois Lottery, LINK and a inside cash station.  Safe car and bike parking right out front [UU Note: Love the repaved parking lot, no longer like the surface of the moon].  Easy curb entrance for handicapped.  This is something that this neighborhood has been needing for years now!"

It's really nice to see the convenience stores in the area upping their game.  We love what's happened with Shop 'N Save (Wilson & Sheridan), Food Town (Hazel and Montrose), and now Lakeview Foods.


  1. I appreciate the rehab since it's a large improvement, but I would love to see them update the neon sign out front. It's an eye sore and could use some updating. Nothing says "new owners/improvement" like updated signage to bring people in to begin with.

  2. Owners are still making improvements to store.Very nice folks,will go out of their way to serve the customers.Shop there all the time.Glad they took store over.