Thursday, November 8, 2012

Help Pie Hole Pizza Come To Uptown!

Well, the rumors were a bit premature of Pie Hole Pizza opening up at Clark & Argyle, but that could very well become a reality. 

Doug Brandt, owner of Pie Hole Pizza posted this on their Facebook page:

"Okay friends, family and Facebook folk, here's some exciting news!

This is Doug, the owner, here. I found an AWESOME potential location (UU Note: Clark & Argyle) for a second Pie Hole, but I'll need your help. I won't even beat around the bush or try to gloss over anything. I'm simply looking for those of you who have expressed an interest in getting involved, and also for those of you who might want to get on board.

To make a second location happen, I've been working with an awesome company called LendSquare, a crowdfunding site geared towards businesses working with their communities -- which is what I like about it. (I'd rather pay interest to friends and fans rather than to a lending institution.)

Anyway, you don't have to comment here, just take a look at the link below, and maybe you can drop a quarter in the bucket. But just so you know, you get your investment paid back PLUS interest... plus "Founders Club" recognition and perks!

If you have ANY questions or would like more information, facts, figures, photos, etc. just message me through Facebook and I'd be happy to deliver the goods.

Thanks you so much for all your support: past, present and future,



  1. Omigosh, THANK YOU for the props and support!!!!!!!!

  2. what is this awesome potential location? it's not even listed (as best i can tell) on the lendsquare site.

  3. 5001 N Clark @ Argyle.

  4. Hell yea! 12" sausage in a safe neighborhood! Pie Hole rocks!

  5. Ha! Well, James -- you may have to settle for either a 10" or bump up to a 14" or 18", does that work? :-)

  6. Just think of how much $$$ there is to be made on Friday nights due to Bear Night at SoFo!

  7. @Anders: Oh we're definitely thinking the same thing!!! We love our furry friends. :-) #bearden. hehehe