Friday, November 9, 2012

Cops Catch Hit & Run Driver

A reader writes:  "I would like to extend a thank-you to all the policemen & women who work in our neighborhood.

Around 7:00 a.m. an elderly man was hit by a car as he was crossing the street at the intersection of Broadway & Lawrence. I see this gentleman around frequently and he always stops to say hello and pet my dog.

As this man was lying face down and bloody in the middle of the street, the driver made a quick u-turn on Broadway and proceeded south on Racine, trying to flee the scene, while people around were screaming to stop.

The police were on it immediately and caught the hit-and-run driver before he even made it to Leland. So to those beat cops on duty this morning, thank you so much for arresting this lowlife…"

We are happy there were witnesses and an arrest.  We hope and pray for the full recovery of the victim.

Update:  Not great news.  CBS Chicago says:  "A suspected drunk driver is in custody and an 87-year-old man is in critical condition after the man was struck in the Uptown neighborhood Friday morning, according to police."  The entire story is here.


  1. Probably a drunk driver with no license or insurance. Probably not even wearing their seatbelt either.

  2. Or maybe a baseball legend named Carlton Fisk, or some douche from Bridgeport. Maybe it was Joe Biden and Mitt Romney on a cocaine binge. Most likely it was the alderman. Or a drunken Chicago Cop!

    No basis for any of these comments, that is my point.

  3. ...or they had a warrant. The average law abiding citizen will stop after hitting someone with a automobile.

  4. I hope this sr. Citizen is doing well as he is in my prayers.

  5. Sorry, but this was just to easy to pass up....Irish-like Pirate, by any chance,have you read the latest on this accident? Unfortunately, even though americanlt was right, it still doesn't change the fact that an innocent person is now in critical condition....very sad indeed.