Monday, October 15, 2012

Two New Restaurants Coming To Clark?

Ooh, a teaser.   Winona Foster Carmen Winnemac (WFCW) Block Club posted on UU's Facebook page:

Exciting news in the neighborhood! Two new restaurants will be opening on the 5000 block of Clark. A pizza joint serving beer and wine and an ethnic restaurant. Both have other locations in the city so we can look forward to excellent food.

Names of restaurants to be released soon.


  1. Gee...a pizza joint and an ethnic place. Just what that nabe needs more of! What can we suggest for a change-of-pace?

  2. @ Gayle. How about more currency exchanges and homeless shelters?

    Wow. Am I being snarky?

  3. I can't think of a single good place to get pizza in Uptown...hate hate hate