Saturday, October 20, 2012

TTFN, Lawrence Red Line Station

We've all been paying attention, and are aware that the Lawrence Red Line station is closed for rehab  until about November 30th?  Keep up with what's going on with the entire Red Line reconstruction project at CTA Station Watch, which has a spiffy article about what's happening at Lawrence right now.

The CTA's website says:  "Lawrence station will temporarily close for six weeks. Please walk to adjacent stations at Argyle or Wilson, located within a few blocks of Lawrence station. #36 Broadway and #151 Sheridan buses are also available as alternate service. In addition, #81 Lawrence buses will be rerouted to serve Wilson station for the duration of the temporary closure."

As a special bonus, Lawrence is closed between Winthrop and Broadway until early Monday morning.

Can't say we'll miss this Hogan's Heroes-chic area of the station.


  1. Thanks for the info, very informative.

    Will leave link here for my new blog.

    I think Rogers Park and ESPECIALLY South Evanston both need another blog. I dont think South Evanston even has a blog. I dont live in South Evanston but I do spend quite a bit of time there. Hope you guys check it out.


  2. Hogan's Heroes chic! Great description for that chain-link stationhouse, which the CTA says will be modestly improved as part of this project (a better fence, not a new building).

    Thanks for the shoutout for CTA Station Watch. It's a crowd-sourced site so if you readers see something interesting, or take some pics, you can tweet with hashtag #LawrenceCTA or post to

    Or just tell what you see here on Uptown Update and we'll pass along the info.

    Patrick Barry, co-editor, CTA Station Watch

  3. I was riding the Lawrence bus to work Friday morning and much to my surprise the bus took a right-hand turn down Broadway. I looked up from my book and saw the big ROAD CLOSED sign under the tracks. Thankfully, the Lawrence bus drives down to the Wilson stop.