Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shots Fired Near Sunnyside & Sheridan

There were at least a dozen shots fired around Wilson and Broadway Sunnyside and Sheridan at approximately 12:20am.  Police were on the scene within fifteen seconds.  We could hear sirens arriving while we were still on the phone with 911.  Not sure if anyone was hit or what went on.  Details as we hear them.

Update:  Some conflicting reports, but it seems to be centered around Sunnyside.

One reader says:  "Six or seven shots were just fired from a car below my apartment window at 1010 W Sunnyside.  Shots were fired from what I believe was a metallic blue, 4 door sedan.  One of the windows was shot out.  Glass all over the street.  They kept driving out towards Broadway."

Another reader writes in:  "Shots fired by and at police: Sunnyside and Racine (original call Sunnyside and Sheridan).  Police want to shut down southbound Broadway."

Update:  There is yellow and red police tape up on Sunnyside between Broadway and Sheridan.

Update:  Broadway is blocked off to traffic and the Broadway bus is being detoured down Sheridan.  The crime lab has been requested to come to Broadway and Sunnyside.

Update:  A reader says there are two men in custody and a gun has been recovered.  The men were allegedly shooting at the police.  Ugh.

From the comments:  Ald. Cappleman posted in the comments at 1:04am that "Just learned that no person was injured from the gunfire tonight. One person in custody at this time and it appears gang related.  I will provide more information tomorrow. Great response from our police!"

Update:  From the Tribune"Earlier on the north side, a man shot up a police car near Sunnyside Avenue and Broadway after a brief foot pursuit, police said. Police returned fire but nobody was wounded in the exchange.

Police, patrolling an area near a shooting last week, tried to stop a man they recognized who was walking with two others. Police gave chase as the wanted man and the two others split up.

One of the men stopped, stepped into a combat shooting stance, and shot at the police car that was chasing him. He emptied his revolver, according to police, and continued running. 

When police did catch him, he quickly dropped the gun and gave up, police said.  The man they tried to stop, along with a second person, are not in custody."

Shocking. Horrible. Great job by the cops on following up on last week's shooting. I wouldn't like to be the guy they're looking for after his buddy shot at the cops.

Update:  From CBS2"In the Uptown neighborhood, several bullets hit a police cruiser early Saturday near Sunnyside Avenue and Broadway. Police said officers saw three men walking down the street, and recognized one of them as a man wanted for questioning, so they attempted to stop him, but the men took off running.

One of the three men turned and fired at the officers, who fired back. No one was injured in that shooting. One person was taken into custody."


  1. Police scanner says the suspect is a male black with a limp, green hoody, police searching around 4643 broadway

  2. Just learned that no person was injured from the gunfire tonight. One person in custody at this time and it appears gang related.

    I will provide more information tomorrow. Great response from our police!

  3. On my way home on the 36 north. Broadway from target intersection to Wilson and east to Sheridan shut down. Tons of police. This is just ridiculous....three drive bys in two days. I was at the grocery store across the street from formost liquor a when that drive by happened yesterday and now's just brazen.

  4. This sucks... Wish the neighborhood could have improved faster than it has... Just came home at 1:15 to police tape all around my home and neighborhood. Thank you so much to the police for their fast response, glad no one was hurt... Unfortunately it is a matter of time. Thank you to the alderman for being up, and responding, so quickly... A welcome change to our area

  5. All of the sirens woke me out of my sleep. Thank you Mr. Cappleman for being informative at 1:00 am

  6. I just heard a cop yelling at someone that a cop was shot - are we sure no injuries?

  7. I don't know that we are sure of anything right now. Usually if an officer is shot, it's breaking news on the radio and news sites. I haven't seen anything so far.

  8. And there's the retaliation...I saw Ceasefire out dealing, I mean moderating with some P Stone earlier on Kenmore...lotta good that did.

  9. Gentrification includes a process in which the old ways and the new ways come into more and more violent conflict in more concentrated areas before the balance shifts. I feel we are nearing the top of the hill... most the the hard work is behind us, but it's most certainly going to get worse in certain areas as we continue to place our limits on where we will allow this conduct. We must remain vigilant and optimistic.

  10. If this suspect went into a "combat position", why didn't the cops shoot him dead? Did the cops fire any shots, or only get shot at?

  11. I hope the a-hole in custody is charged with attempted murder. I hate that the gang terrorists usually walk away with a slap on the wrist.

  12. "One of the three men turned and fired at the officers, who fired back."

    Brian Bobcat, if the police were able to apprehend a suspect without killing him, I don't think that's a bad thing. Bad guy in custody. May sing like a bird to avoid a very lengthy prison sentence that comes with attempting to kill a police officer.

  13. I wish the cops would have killed that guy. Shooting at the police? How messed up is that.

  14. I heard from the Commander this morning. The shooter's gang affiliation has been identified and once his address is confirmed, I will follow up with his building manager to ensure additional steps are taken. If he lives outside the ward, I will notify this person's alderman for follow up.

    Police continue their investigation to catch the other 2 individuals. So as to not disrupt police investigation, I will limit what is said on this neighborhood blog.

    We are in the process of revising our 46th Ward Master Plan, which has a section on public safety. Feel free to send in your suggestions for revising this document: The Ward Master Plan is a living document so it will continue to go through a series of revisions.

    I again want to thank the Police for their amazing work and quick response. Join me in giving them a thumb's up the next time you see them on the street. They do hard work and don't get recognized enough.

  15. You're doing a great job yourself, Mr. Cappleman. I don't know all of the details of the neighborhood plan, but your activity on this site and your approach are promising and appreciated.

  16. Totally agree with Scottfreecds. What are these gangs fighting over? More and More its less and less.