Thursday, October 18, 2012

Old Town Hall Station To Become LGBT Senior Housing

Two years ago, we featured a story about the future of the historically landmarked century-old police station at the corner of Halsted and Addison.  What to do, what to do?  The city had it up for sale for just over $4million, with the requirements that it, the parking lot, and the CAPS building just north of it be turned into 60-90 units of senior housing with health-related services on-site.

Today in Lakeview Patch, we were happy to hear that it's happening:
Chicago will soon break ground on one of the first affordable housing centers in America meant for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered seniors, and to some, the adventure is seen as a new frontier.

With construction slated for this winter, the senior housing development at 3600 N. Halsted in Lake View is addressing a booming need for the aging LGBT community.
The story mentions that it will have retail on the ground floor, and the entire project will cost $29million. No figures were given for the sale of the property, so we don't know if that $4million sales price was achieved. Read the entire story here.


  1. Does that mean if your not a lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered senior you will be denied housing based upon your sexual orientation. Legally I think this would be against the law in selecting who or what type person can be denied senior housing on any of the above conditions.

  2. I always love when straight white men, the most privileged class in this country, say someone is discriminating against them for offering a minority the same rights they have.

    "Nickey," Reading Is Fundamental!

    If you'd been less quick to jump on a case of perceived discrimination against yourself, you might have seen in the article:

    While the new center won’t discriminate based on gender identity or sexual orientation, it will be clear to seniors that community life at this home will be very different.

  3. Stop ranting, raving & crying, because I think it's a beautiful thing.