Wednesday, October 10, 2012

News From Tonight's CAPS Meeting

This is a summary from Amy, one of the co-facilitators of Beat 1914, with an update from the CAPS meeting about the violence we saw earlier today.

"Here's some news you can use from tonight's Beat 1914 CAPS meeting at Clarendon Park Fieldhouse. Please share with your neighbors.

1. There is currently an escalated conflict between the 3 larger gangs in the area of the 19th and 20th Police Districts."  [UU Note:  Another reader wrote in to say that there were shots fired at Wilson and Magnolia earlier today, and the Argyle shooting was retaliation for that.  The police have said they would not be surprised if there are further retaliatory shots fired tonight or tomorrow.  So much fun to have gangs in our neighborhood, isn't it?] 
"What you can do: When you see a gathering of gang members on the street, or any other activity that your gut tells you is suspicious, call 9-1-1. You can state that there is "suspicious activity", "gang loitering", "recent gang-related shootings in the neighborhood and concern about retaliation" to the 9-1-1 operator. If you do not see an officer respond, call again. Please keep in mind that you may not see an officer respond immediately because an ongoing investigation may already be in place.

You can report graffiti tags to Graffiti Busters at 3-1-1 and the Alderman's office (take a picture with your phone and email it to the Alderman's office: Include the location/address of the tags.
Why this is helpful: 9-1-1 calls help determine how resources are allocated in the District -- including where officers are sent-- and help to track the gangs' activity in the area (including drug sales) for ongoing investigations. 3-1-1 calls about graffiti help to track the "communication" between gangs and may help predict conflicts before they happen.

2. There has been an increase in "run and grab" phone thefts in the area.
What you can do: Don't get distracted by talking or texting on your phone! If you have to talk on the phone while you are walking-- stop, stand against a wall, finish your call, and put your phone away.

3. From the Alderman's office:
  • CTA shows the plans for the Wilson El station rehab - tomorrow (Thurs. 10/11) from 6-8pm at Truman College
  • Shredding at the Alderman's office on Saturday 10/13 9am-noon
  • Health Fair at Weiss Hospital tomorrow Thurs. 10/11 with free flu shots
  • Participatory budget meetings taking place throughout the next couple weeks
Check the Alderman's website for all the details:

Next CAPS Meeting: Wed. 11/14 at 7pm-- location to be announced."


  1. These gangbangers have to live somewhere -- what is their home address, is it the South Side or the north side? Do they have GFs or mamas they live with? Evict them!

  2. I agree 100% with Lianna. Little is ever done to people who house or hide these creeps. Either it be parents, GF`s, BF`s. I never see or hear any cases being thrown on those who protect these good for nothings. The police have their hands tied in most cases and the gangbangers know it all too well.

  3. Lianna:
    The notes from the Alderman's office frequent discuss how they are working with the CAPS office to support landlords in evicting problem tenants, including gang members or people that are providing a safe haven for gang members. If you have information about a specific building or tenants, please share it with the Alderman's office and/or the CAPS office. Thanks!