Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Let Your Voice Be Heard


  1. Give the cops what they need especially to fight gangs and do something subsidized housing.

  2. The "Aldermanic Menu" funds that are subject to the Participatory Budgeting process can be spent on any project that acquires, develops, maintains or improves a publicly owned capital asset, often called "infrastructure."

    •Street resurfacing
    •Street lights
    •Curb and gutters
    •Catwalks and courtesy walks
    •Traffic signals
    •Bike racks
    •Security cameras
    •Catwalks and courtesy walks
    •Trash cans
    •Community gardens
    •Artistic murals
    •El platform/station improvements
    •Construction of or major renovations to public buildings

    Unfortunately the money cannot be used to hire more police