Saturday, October 20, 2012

Felon Charged With Murder of Uptown Resident

Last February, Lyn Ward of the 4500 block of Magnolia was killed during a robbery of the Ukrainian Village Subway sandwich store where she worked.  A man came into the store and demanded money from the cash register.  Ms. Ward, 54, apparently was frightened and moved away from the register when she was shot.  Her killer had another employee give him the money and then fled.

Those who knew and loved Ms. Ward may be able to take some comfort in the fact that the police arrested and charged a man with her murder yesterday.  Anthony G. White, 41, of the South Side was ratted out by someone.  According to the Tribune, "Police released video surveillance footage from the robbery at the time, but 'the case turned cold' until Gang Crimes officers working on a separate investigation turned up someone who said he had seen the video and might know who the robber was."

Our thoughts are with the family and friends of Lyn Ward.


  1. Looks like one of Mr Ward's "friends" cut a deal with "da man".

    Good for him.

    Turning in a murderer in exchange for looking away at something lesser?

    Let's Make A Deal! This is one of those times when the criminal justice system works.

  2. The bad thing about all this is the suspect doesn't have to kill the person. The money is there, take it and run, and leave the person alive. Surveillance cameras will catch them anyway.

  3. Hey Irish Pirate,

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