Sunday, October 14, 2012

16 Years Old ... And Charged With Attempted Murder

Unreal.  Not old enough to vote, or buy cigarettes or booze, and just barely old enough to drive.  In fact, he was breaking curfew.

And now he's facing two counts of attempted murder by shooting up a police car Friday night.  Well, he achieved legal maturity in at least one way:  he's been charged as an adult.

From the Tribune:  "A 16-year-old boy opened fire on two Chicago police officers sitting inside an unmarked squad car on the city's Uptown neighborhood on Saturday, prosecutors alleged in court.  Jansen Aikens was charged as an adult with two counts each of attempted first-degree murder and aggravated discharge of a firearm.  Aikens, of the 1300 block of West Chase Avenue, was ordered held in lieu of $1 million bail Sunday."  Read the entire story here.

Talk about making the absolute worst split-second decision possible.  Sunnyside was still blocked off by squad cars Saturday afternoon while evidence was gathered.   We are so grateful no one was hurt.

UU Note:  While the Tribune gives his age as 16, according to the Cook County Jail records, Mr. Aikens is 17.  Still way too young to be involved in what he's charged with.

Update:  Here's something really sad -- he's not a dummy.  Apparently he attended Chicago Mathematics & Science Academy as a freshman (and Senn as a sophomore).  This kid made some seriously bad decisions somewhere along the way.

His Facebook page is enlightening:


  1. Now we're importing bangers from Rogers Park. Wonderful.

    UU you should really have posted links to the this younger whippersnappers Facebook and Cook County jail page. I forgive you only because of the fine work you've done here at Uptown Update and the photos you have of me wearing a speedo in the Truman pool.

    There ain't much on his Facebook page, but this is his County jail page.

    I refuse to hyperlink. He is unworthy.

    Even in Cook County taking shots at the police and being immediately arrested with the gun is going to mean he's facing some serious prison time. This isn't going to be some two year plea deal.

    I expect by the time he's out I'll be collecting social security.

  2. He can put those math skills to use figuring out his mandatory supervised release date, which should be a ways off.

    But at least he's proved what a bad-ass he is to his P-Stone brothers, so he'll have something to share when they get together for coffee and donuts at Stateville!

  3. Seems like 1300 Chase is a place housing alot of trigger happy people. If I recall correctly thats the same address of the guy who shot of that pizza place lauries a few months back.,0,2327111.story

    Actually it was the 1400 block of west chase, but these reporters sometimes (many many times) dont have their facts totally accurate. Im guessing these guys probably knew each other.

  4. @IP, yep these bangers do not respect our community boundaries. Thats why I follow Uptown news closely, because what is good for the goose is good for the gander. Or rather Uptown violence spills over into Rogers Park and vice versa. As Both neighborhoods improve AND as Edgewater by the Lake improves these violent outbursts SHOULD be less common.

  5. Was this young man still in school?

    1. No he dropped out. I would see him almost everyday across the street from Truman

  6. Why not collect Social Security. I'm sure this punk is already getting SSI checks.

  7. Most of all these good for nothing punks have a family on sosme type of assistance from our tax dollars. If they cut their benifits each time they where arrested or their children maybe then they would to learn to helds accountable for their actions.

  8. That Facebook page makes him look like such a douche. I wish the police would have shot him, but I am sure the City would have gotten sued for millions.

  9. Oooooooo he looks so sad... DUM F@!@.

  10. was there another fire tonight thursdday/Friday early morn??/