Thursday, September 13, 2012

Updated Info For Parents Of CPS Students

Some more information on where your kids can go during the teachers' strike:
  • From Alternatives (4715 N Sheridan):
    "In recognition of the need for safe and positive learning space for young people during the teachers strike, Alternatives, Inc. will offer structured activities for CPS students ages 14 to 18 from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. every day this week, unless the strike ends. Youth will be accepted into the program on a first-come, first-served basis. A parent or guardian is encouraged to register each youth for the program, but permission can also be granted by telephone.
    Youth should bring school work to complete during programming. Each day we will offer homework help as well as activities designed to engage young people in the kinds of programming Alternatives offers throughout the year. Alternatives’ regular afterschool programming will begin the week of September 17.
    For more information or to register a young person, please call 773-506-7474."
  • From Alderman Osterman:
    "It is my expectation that the Strike will continue through the rest of this week as CPS and CTU continue negotiations. Please read below for an updated list of alternative options for your student."  You can see his newsletter here.
  • From Friends of the 46th Ward Schools:
    "Per CPS, if the CTU continues to strike, 147 Children First sites will be open from 8:30am to 2:30pm starting on Thursday. Children First is a safety net to keep CPS kids safe & engaged and provide meals during the strike.
    A link to register your child can be found on the Friends of the 46th Ward Schools or CPS's Facebook page."


  1. I think if the teachers cared about the quality of education and contributions they make to assure each child receives it they should get off the picket line and return to work and let the talks continue while the children are learning in schools without all the sideshows they are presenting in the mean time.

  2. There is no incentive for the talks to continue OR for the city to give in our/the children's favor if we go back to work. If that was the case, they would have come to an agreement ages ago.

    There is no quality education with classes of 39 - like my coworker has in his Algebra 1 class. Even the greatest of teachers will struggle with a class that size.

  3. Christine. When I went to grammer school in Bridgeport back in the 50`s our teacher for 6th grade had 35 students and taught 8 subjects other then gym. Had no help or aids. Our parents paid for our school supplies, she Worked 8 full hours and we went home for a 45 minute lunch and it worked out just fine.

  4. Yeah, Nickey, things were a lot different in the 50s. Your teachers probably got a lot more respect, and they also probably rapped you on the knuckles when you were naughty. I am not suggesting that we continue that practice, but I will suggest you come to work with me in one of my west side schools to see just how far from Leave it to Beaver we are.

    Teachers do care about the quality of education, much more than the board of ed. They care about dollars. If you really want to know what the union thinks, which is purely from the perspective of educators, check out this link. You are not getting much accurate information on the network news.