Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Street Closures Due To Movie Filming

According to a notice posted on Everyblock, there will be a feature film shooting in Uptown this week.

"In coordination with the City of Chicago, The Chicago Film Office and the Chicago Police Department, we are preparing to film scenes on Wednesday, September 26th and Thursday September 27th.

NO PARKING will be posted for:  Tuesday September 25th at 4PM until Thursday September 27th at 10PM

  • Both sides of Clifton Ave from N. Broadway to Lawrence
  • South side of Lawrence from N. Broadway east to the El tracks
  • Both sides of Broadway from Lawrence to W Leland
  • North Side of Lawrence from North Magnolia Ave to north Dover.

Please contact Dan Wilson at 414-573-3456 or Kelley Hiatt at 773-807-3960 at with any questions so that we may accommodate your needs and concerns in a timely manner."

Of course, the questions that come to mind are -- 
  • with the parking lot closed behind Bridgeview Bank (assumption, because that's where movie trailers tend to park, and the entry road to the parking lot -- Clifton -- is closed), how much fun will it be to find street parking with the concert at the Riv tonight?
  • What movie?
You're on your own with finding parking, but we can offer our theory on what movie is shooting:  According to the folks at Before The Trailer, there are several TV series shooting in town, but the only movie they've mentioned currently shooting is Dhoom 3: Back In Action, a Hindi thriller.

Let us know if you find out anything more about the movie, and good luck parking!

Update:  A commenter on UU's Facebook page says:  "Mob Doctor is what's shooting near Irving/Sheridan, from Monday night through this evening."

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  1. seems like you're right http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dhoom_3

    "Aamir Khan joined the filming in July and filmed for only 5 days at Yash Raj Studios as his major portions would be shot in Chicago, the U.S.A."