Monday, September 24, 2012

Panhandling Seminar Tonight

Just a reminder that the Northside Community Justice Center is sponsoring a panhandling seminar tonight that is aimed at one of Uptown's more annoying quality-of-life problems. It begins at 6:30 and is promised to last just an hour.

There will be a community meeting regarding the recent murder and shootings in Edgewater between 6pm and 6:30pm, arranged by Ald. Osterman.


  1. The aggressiveness of these folks is unreal. Uptown ones seem mostly mentally ill looking for the next drink/fix. The ones downtown are "pros" who have the signs, milk crates & wild stories. NYC cleaned up their vagrancy problem, why can't we???

  2. I had a woman follow me for 2 blocks, and then she stood at my front gate yelling at me when I was trying to get in my front door. I used to have the feeling that none of us have so little that we can at least spare something, but this aggressiveness is more than anyone should have to deal with, considering all of the resources in the area where there is real help.

  3. LarryNow, that is the very definition of "aggressive panhandling" and it is illegal. You can always call 911, but you must be willing to sign a complaint against her. Panhandlers are not allowed to touch you, follow you, or wait outside banks and/or ATMS, among other places.