Monday, September 17, 2012

Open House Chicago Coming October 13 & 14

We are so lucky to live in a city of luscious, interesting, and sometimes historic buildings.

People in other places generally don't know who built their cities; Chicagoans rattle off names like Wright, Mies van der Rohe, Sullivan, Burnham, Root and Gang as fast as we do the names of the Bears' starting linebackers.

Our city wasn't orange groves or farmland 50 years ago; it's not unusual for us to live in buildings more than a century old.

To celebrate Chicago's buildings -- and to give us all a chance to be lookie-loos for two days -- Chicago Architecture Foundation is sponsoring "Open House Chicago," where 150 buildings citywide will be open to the public, all for free, some including access to areas not usually open to the public.  The Uptown sites are:
Of course, there are plenty of other sites outside our borders, and you can take a look at them all here.

Open House Chicago is looking for volunteers who can commit to a four-hour shift at one of the 150+ sites, with plenty of rewards. Click here if you're interested in helping out.


  1. The Hotel Chateau? ha, gross...

    Bridgeview Bank = Gorgeous.

  2. Does anyone know if Green Mill is going to have its rumored "secret tunnels" underneath the bar open to the public?

  3. cweetbeat -- click on the link (highlighted and bolded in blue) for each place and it will give all the information on each location.

  4. Unfortunately, the tunnels will not be made available -- we tried. Maybe next year?! Please volunteer!!!

  5. No Uptown Theatre ?? I've always wanted to get a look in there!!