Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Here, Kitty, Kitty

When you have a long-empty building, painted institution-grey, which needs to be cleaned up by the block club and functions as an off-hours outdoor pub, what can be done to make it look better?

Why, adding a few cats (of course).

The former KFC, at Broadway and Buena, is now guarded by solemn twin moggies.

We've heard from a few sources that the 7/11 across the street may be interested in moving in and restoring the building, but nothing definitive yet.

It's not quite the 24-unit condo/retail building that was envisioned to go there in 2007, but we'd like to see it occupied again, and 7/11 has been, as far as we known, a decent neighbor in its current location across the street.


  1. Well it's better than the tags which keep finding their way onto the side of the building.

    Be warned graffiti artists, this building is full of laser cats!

  2. This person is a graffiti artist, also, in case you aren't aware. It's a form of graffiti called "wheat pastes." It seems to me, here, that there is an implication by a couple of you that one kind of graffiti is better than another. Ahem...

  3. A 7-11 on that parcel would be a significantly under-utilized piece of real estate... I would prefer to wait for a developer that would put something a bit more dense on the lot.

  4. @Cweet
    Yes, One kind of graffiti IS better than another. Just like one piece of art IS better than another. Some art belongs on your home fridge rather than on display to the world. Feel free to tag up your house all you want but please keep the ugly crap off our streets.

  5. You're missing the point. So you are saying that not all graffiti is vandalism, on the.contrary to what most Uptown Updaters that post comments about it believe? Or, that some forms of vandalism are okay?


  6. Also, Al, as someone who seems to know a thing or two about art, art is subjective and is critiqued subjectively. What you think is "ugly crap" may be totally cool, cute, intriguing, or beautiful to others.

  7. By the letter of the law, the kitties may well vandalism- but the intent is rather different and much more benign than gangs marking turf.

  8. Ceiling Cat has a cousin in Uptown!

  9. @Cweet,
    You can't seriously be that ignorant that you can qualify gang tags as serious artistic expressions. Graffiti can be art, tagging is not. Theres a distinguishable difference between trying to create beauty and claiming dominion over a location. There is nothing objective about that distinction.