Wednesday, September 12, 2012

46th Ward Late Night In Gooseberry Playlot Tonight

Gooseberry Park photo courtesy of Google Streetview
Ald. Cappleman and his staff will be hosting his late office hours in Gooseberry Playlot Park, 4648 North Malden, on Wednesday, September 12th, between 5pm and 7pm. Come by, mingle with your neighbors, and say hello to the Alderman and his staff.

The ward office (4544 N Broadway) will remain open during regular business hours (9AM-7PM) on Wednesday as well.


  1. Before I left for my trip in August, the street light on the south side of the park was burned out. I wonder if its light bulb was replaced.

  2. We discussed it during the last Gooseberry Playlot visit by the Alderman, so no, I did not call 311 to report it.

  3. Amazing! After weeks of trying to get graffiti removed from the signs outside the park to no avail, the morning of this "night out" at gooseberry playlot the lot was a bee hive of activity with bushes cut, trees trimmed and the graffiti was removed and/painted over! Maybe we can have more of these all over uptown and get the ward cleaned up in the process