Friday, August 10, 2012

Uptown Art Center Seeks "Sacred Art"ists


  1. The UAC also has a weekly open studio on Fridays hosted by Colette. Soon there will be classes, workshops and other programs for Uptowners to enjoy within walking/biking distance.

    More artists are moving in, it is taking shape. There is still work to do, it has been very exciting to have such a beautiful and historical property, also the great people to work with and around.

    Me and the scene painter for the National Pastime Theatre are sharing a studio space, more artists upstairs too so there will be opportunities for private and small group classes from individual artists as well.

    Things are shaping up quickly, if you have not been to the Preston Bradley Center recently check it out and prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

    Uptown is back! We were a cultural hub once and will be once again.

    Thank you for posting this UU!

  2. We need feedback from the community.....what do you want in an art center Uptown?

  3. A Peoples Church/Jon Trott owned building I do believe...where does the tax deductible entry fee go to? Doesn't that,by law, have to be clearly indicated?.... and I do not see it anywhere..

  4. The Uptown Art Center is in the Preston Bradley Center. The UAC is a 501c3 and is under lease to the PBC just like the National Pasttime Theater is.

    My friend Jon Trott is unrelated but if he wishes to try out for a bit role in a play or drop in for a studio visit he is entirely welcome as is any of the good people of Uptown including the superhero.

    The Peoples' Church is downstairs, and upstairs is an african Pentacostal Church, also a tenant but the UAC is secular as is the Pasttime. We all are tenants. I am a tenant with my studio, I pay rent as are other artists as of now.

    I hope this clears it up, the Sacred show is a theme for that exhibition maybe that confused some but UAC is not a religious institution.

    We could still use feedback:

    Classes? What Kind? For who,,..teens?

    Workshops, lecture series, open studios.

    Music...why not music.

    This is YOUR Art Center Uptown.