Thursday, August 23, 2012

"This... Is Wilson"

There's an interesting article in CTA Station Watch about what has been said for sure about the upcoming rehab of the Wilson Station, and author Patrick Barry's conjectures:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel, at a press conference August 14 celebrating the renewed Morse CTA station, said there was much more to come, including a “spectacular” new station at Wilson and Broadway. 
Wilson serves 5,400 boarding passengers each weekday and has been called the CTA’s crustiest station. It’s 90 years old, the adjacent storefronts are beaten down and empty, and the clientele includes a representative sampling of the neighborhood, some of whom are indeed rather crusty.
So this is a big deal. And it’s going to happen – soon.
Read more about what the new station might include, and access a custom Google map of the station site, at CTA Station Watch.