Wednesday, August 29, 2012

That's Better

The reader who sent in the photos of the "big kid games" at Broncho Billy 12-and-under playlot on Magnolia sends in an update:

"Here is the painted-over version of the water fountain.  It's sad that King Rahm's first budget cuts were to the already overworked graffiti removal teams.  Oh, well, it was just a little paint and a disposable brush."

While we're not generally in favor of vigilante actions, sometimes you just gotta fight the gangs and their scribbling the fastest way you can.

For those who prefer to let the city do the work, call Graffiti Blasters at 311 and put in your request, or you can make a request online.  It works best if you can give an approximate street address rather than an intersection.

Graf-Blast is on the grid system now, hitting four wards a day rather than going out on each individual request, and has reduced its staff.  This is all rather controversial and what the reader is commenting on above.


  1. Nice job. Glad someone covered over the graffiti. I dont think we should expect the city to be able to take care of ALL of it.

    And its a great job no matter how it was accomplished, whether it was black spraypaint, black paint with paint brush, or Goof-Off.

    I personally prefer covering it over with spray paint because its faster. SOMEONE has to use spray paint for good. Spray Paint itself isnt evil, but it just depends on whose hands its in.

  2. So is picking up garbage a vigilante action? I hope not.

    Graffiti is visual garbage. Its just a normal part of taking care of the neighborhood to cover it up. I cover over graffiti as a normal part of my life. Does that make me a vigilante? And if so how? Im not staking out the area and trying to FIGHT CRIME and arrest people on my own... :)

    Restoration should be everyones aim. The city themselves many times covers over the graffiti in patchwork style, so the bar is not set very high. Color matched graffiti coverups make much more sense and make it much less likely someone will come back to tag it again.