Friday, August 31, 2012

Shredding / Recycling Next Saturday

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Got an old VCR gathering dust, or a shopping bag of paper to be shredded?

The 46th & 48th Ward Streets and San Office will hold a recycling event next Saturday, helping to guard against identity theft and ensuring that all e-waste will be reused or appropriately disposed of.


  1. I've noticed an increase in those dirty pick up trucks digging through peoples garbage.
    What are they looking for? There always in the alleys.

  2. The old beat-up pickup trucks that drive through the alleys are the modern version of "Sanford and Son", if you recall the old sitcom starring Redd Fox. Ours appear to be primarily Latino immigrants, who drive through, looking for metal and old appliances and old furniture that is still in relatively good condition yet is being disposed of by a resident. There is still value to a lot of those items, and if they are able to salvage this sort of stuff and recycle or re-purpose it for someone's benefit, that's a very good thing. It also reduces the amount of stuff going into the waste stream, which saves us all on landfill space and costs.

    Most of the time, these guys are pretty respectful--they don't dump stuff out and leave it beside the dumpsters, they get what is useful and leave. There ARE some people who go through dumpsters to find cans and bottles for cash, probably to support their alcohol or drug habits, and they sometimes strew garbage around. I have no problems with the former, but I do take issue with the latter when they leave a mess for others to clean up.

  3. Ursine one.

    I completely agree with your comment.

    Nice to see that you've come out of your growling cave at least for today.

    It's a beautiful day. It's overcast, the temperature is moderate and the hay fever index is lower than Mitt Romney's approval rating among atheistic pirates of Irish heritage.